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Belladonna Lily Pink Hybrids - Exclusive~
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Belladonna Lily Pink Hybrids - Exclusive~

Belladonna Lily Pink Hybrid Bulbs | Naked Ladies Bulbs | Amaryllis Belladonna

After you've grown amaryllis belladonna it's easy to see why you'll never want to be without them and here's an opportunity to snag some rare, colorful varieties that aren't widely available. The result of breeding designed to create new, unusual blends, these pink belladonna are a mixture of light and deep pinks, and some include white accents, too. The images above are representative of the bloodlines (see additional images by clicking on the Image Gallery link above) but yours will be whatever shades Mother Nature dictates. (We have yet to see any that aren't quite pretty, so rest assured you'll be happy with the outcome.) Tough as nails, these plants can withstand extreme drought once established and will survive with virtually no care. Of course, a little water now and then just improves the show. A fun chance to grow belladonna lily cultivars that won't look like any others on your street.

3 large belladonna lily bulbs
  • Planting Guide

    tip of bulb just at the soil line


    light - quite drought tolerant once established


    Full sun



  • Additional Details
    Common Name:

    Belladonna lily, Cape belladonna, Naked ladies

    Botanical Name:

    Amaryllis belladonna alba


    Full sun


    Zones 7-11




    Warm, cool, pastel and brilliant shades of pink in scented clusters of 6-12 blooms

    Bloom Season:

    Late summer

    Bulb/Plant Size:

    2 -1/2" + - very large bulbs


    3 large belladonna lily bulbs