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Arisaema, Griffithii var Pradhanii
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Arisaema, Griffithii var Pradhanii

Arisaema Griffithii var Pradhanii Tubers - Exceptional Cobra Lily

With its extravagantly enlarged spathe flaring and spreading up to 20 cm across, Arisaema Griffithii var Pradhanii is a spectacular variety certain to be a stunning accent in your shady garden. The brilliant yellow-green tracing and mottling in among the rich burgundy coloration is stunning. But this beauty is more challenging that the other varieties we offer. Take care to be certain the conditions are just right, with a dry, shaded summer a necessity for Griffithii var Pradhani. Not recommended for climates with warm, humid summers.

Arisaema Griffithii var Pradhanii is not for the beginning - or the impatient - arisaema gardener. Start instead with Consanguineum for assured success and a striking plant. When you are ready to amaze yourself as well as your neighbors, roll up your sleeves and give Arisaema Griffithii var Pradhanii a try!

1 large Arisaema tuber
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  • Additional Details
    Common Name:

    Cobra Lily, Jack in the Pulpit, Jack-in-the-Pulpit

    Botanical Name:

    Arisaema Griffithii var Pradhanii


    Dappled to light to medium shade


    Zones 5-9


    18" - 24"


    Rich bronze-burgundy with extensive pale green veining

    Bloom Season:

    Late spring - mid summer

    Bulb/Plant Size:

    3"+ diameter tubers


    1 large Arisaema tuber