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Aloysia Sweet Almond Bush
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Aloysia Sweet Almond Bush

Aloysia Virgata | Sweet Almond Bush | Incense Bush
Gardeners who really pay attention to their noses, this Sweet Almond bush is for you. It's not uncommon to be able to smell the luscious fragrance of the tiny, white, tubular blossoms from the far side of the yard. An everbloomer in warm areas, this Argentine native is a fast grower and an excellent addition to mixed borders. The white almond bush attracts butterflies and makes an excellent nectar source for naturalized landscapes. Aloysia virgata is difficult to find in the trade although we don't really understand why given that cuttings root relatively easily. This plant behaves like a perennial in zone 8 (typically dies to the ground in the winter) and grows into a loose shrub or small tree in zones 9-11. This outstanding source of intensely sweet scent can be pruned hard to keep it compact and can even be grown in a large container, trimmed back to just 2-3 feet. Pruning encourages new growth and additional bloom spikes.
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  • Planting Guide


    Water moderately during active growth


    Full sun


    36-48" apart

  • Additional Details
    Common Name:

    Almond verbena, sweet almond, white almond bush, incense bush

    Botanical Name:

    Aloysia virgata


    Light to moderate shade


    Zones 9-10 outside, will die to roots in zone 8 and resprout in spring, grow anywhere as a summer container plant


    3-10 feet tall, spreads to 3-6 feet wide; can be pruned to smaller size


    Spires of white flowers, strong sweet fragrance

    Bloom Season:

    Summer into fall, sporatically year round in warm areas

    Bulb/Plant Size:

    5.5" extra deep pot


    1 potted plant