Collection: Tigridia (Tigerflower) Bulbs

Tigridia, commonly known as Tigerflower or Mexican Shell Flower, is a fabulous, very showy summer flower. The shape and coloring of the bloom is unusual, and interesting.  Tigerflowers closely resemble Gladiola, with large, 3 to 6-inch flared flowers in an array of two-toned combinations of pink, red, white, yellow, cream and orange colors.  Triangular shaped petals of solid colors embellish the outer edges of the flower with a contrasting center that resembles a tiger’s spots, thus the genesis of its name. The pleated foliage has the appearance of a fan, adding to the beauty of the growing Tigerflower. The bloom remains open for only a short time but in a few days, another will open from the same bud sheath providing brightly colored, though short-lived, blooms over a long blooming season.  Being native to Mexico they demand full sun. Low maintenance, high drama and resistant to deer and rabbits, Tigridia are exceptional in beds, borders and large containers.

Why We Love Tigridia (Tigerflower) Bulbs

  • Their vibrant, tiger-like blooms bring a splash of color.
  • Tigridia bulbs are easy to grow and multiply quickly.
  • These striking flowers are perfect for adding flair to borders.

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