Collection: Lavender Plants (Lavandula)

Hailing from the mint family, drought-tolerant lavender plants have fragrant flowers used worldwide in bath and body products. It also has culinary applications. (Lavender lemonade, anyone?)  Lavender is a semi-woody low-growing shrub that can be grown as an annual or perennial depending on the variety and your garden location. All the plants need is full sun and sharply well drained soil. The fragrant flowers bloom in shades of blue, purple, lilac, light pink, and even yellow or dark purple and are a favorite of pollinators.  High quality honey is made from lavender nectar and the flowers are distilled to make lavender oil, a popular essential oil that can be used for help with sleep and to soothe aching muscles and joints.

Why We Love Lavender Plants (Lavandula)

  • Lavender emits a soothing aroma known to promote relaxation and calm.
  • They require minimal maintenance and are drought-tolerant once established.
  • These versatile plants can be used in cooking, crafting, and aromatherapy.

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