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Bay Laurel Potted Plants For Sale Online | (Fragrant)   Bay laurel has a rich Mediterranean history and is used not only as a cooking spice but a topiary plant to create decorations. Prized by the ancient Grecians, bay laurel was used to make laurel wreaths which were seen as a mark of status. Because of their moderate salinity tolerance, you will find bay laurel growing happily near oceans in temperate and slightly cooler coastlines.   In warmer climates, this aromatic evergreen can grow 15 to 40 feet tall and 15 to 30 feet wide as outdoor shrubs. In colder climates, grow it in containers and bring indoors for winter months.

Why We Love Bay Laurel

  • It's a versatile culinary herb, enhancing a variety of dishes.
  • The aromatic foliage is perfect for seasoning and fragrant bouquets.
  • The plants are easy to grow, thriving in both containers and gardens.

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