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Tiger Lily Henry
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Tiger Lily Henry

Tiger Lily Henry | Henry's Lily | Turks Cap Lily | Heirloom Lily Bulbs
Lilium Henri, or Henry's Tiger Lily is a perfect example of how this species of lily came to be known as tiger lilies. The exotic and pronounced spotting combined with orange petals that glow when the sun shines through them, led 19th century Americans to think of tigers. We'll skip right past the point that tigers are striped - for some reason "leopard lilies" was never considered.

In addition to the fetching freckles, the tiger lilies have deeply recurved petals, giving rise to the common name "Turks Cap lily. Henry also boasts extravagantly long stamens for an exciting look completely belied by the ease of growing these beauties. Expect 10-20 blooms per stem towering over your summer garden.
3 large Lily Bulbs
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  • Additional Details
    Common Name:

    tiger lily, tigerlily, turks cap lily

    Botanical Name:

    Tigerlily Henry


    Best with light shade


    Zones 5-8 in South/ 5-10 in West


    4-8 feet tall


    Orange blooms heavily spooted dark mahogany, almost black

    Bloom Season:

    Mid summer

    Bulb/Plant Size:

    18/20 cm


    3 large Lily Bulbs