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Oxalis Pot o' Gold (Lucky Shamrocks) - FREE Shipping!
Free Gift

Oxalis Pot o' Gold (Lucky Shamrocks) - FREE Shipping!

Oxalis Pot o' Gold (Lucky Shamrocks) | Oxalis Shamrock Gift | Luck of the Irish Gift

Looking for a new gift plant? One that continues to bloom on a sunny windowsill for months and months? A speed demon that goes from bulbs to sprouts to lush tri-lobed shamrock foliage and lots of starry white flowers in just 3-5 weeks? Allow us to introduce Oxalis Regnelli. This easy grower also puts on a nightly show by closing its leaves like tiny parasols after a rain. In the morning when the sun comes out, the shamrock-shaped foliage fans out to gather the maximum amount of light. Gift comes pre-planted a 5.5" square luminous gold ceramic pot. A staff favorite and a smart way to stretch your gift budget without sacrificing quality. An Easy to Grow Bulbs exclusive.

15 oxalis bulbs pre-planted and ready to grow.