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Moonlight Garden Serenade - Alstroemeria, Begonia & Caladium Collection
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Moonlight Garden Serenade - Alstroemeria, Begonia & Caladium Collection

Moonlight Garden Serenade - All White Alstroemeria, Begonia & Caladium Collection

When we think of a garden, or flowers, we naturally imagine them in sunlight. But many flowers and even foliage gleam in moonlight, bringing an entirely different and magical experience to your garden after the sun sets. The clear white petals of Alstroemeria Claire catch and reflect moonlight beautifully, and the huge, snowy blooms of the Tuberous begonia Giant Ruffled White just glows! Add in the white leaves of Caladium White Christmas, with its faceted markings and you have the heart of a Moonlight Garden to enchant you and your visitors for late evening entertaining, dinners outdoors, or a night time stroll. This collection includes 1 potted Alstroemeria Claire, 1 package of 3 large caladium White Christmas tubers, and 1 package of 3 large begonia Giant Ruffled White. Each is clearly labeled to enable you to place and plan your planting. Enjoy!

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  • Additional Details
    Common Name:

    Alstroemeria, Begonia and Caladium Collection

    Botanical Name:

    Light to partial shade, more shade in hottest regions


    Zones 10-11, elsewhere lift tubers in autumn and store indoors




    Late spring through early fall


    4" potted Alstroemeria, 2-2.5" begonias and 3"+ Caladiums

    Bloom Season:

    1 potted Alstroemeria, 3 Begonia Tubers and 3 Caladium tubers (each labeled)

    Bulb/Plant Size: