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Mint Spearmint
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Mint Spearmint

Spearmint Plants | Mentha Spicata

The clean, clear, refreshing flavor and scent of spearmint is a lovely addition to your garden, beverages, deserts , fruit salads and so much more! Like all mint plants, spearmint is rather aggressive when planted in the ground, and can quickly take over a planting bed. Provide barriers in the ground like hardscape and/or metal flashing or plant it in a container to curb spearmint's enthusiasm. 

Flavorful leaves are ready to harvest throughout its growth. Be sure to harvest in the early morning for the fullest flavor and scent. Snip off immature flower buds to extend the harvest time of your mint plant. And cut the plant back by a third when it starts becoming long and "leggy" - this will ensure a flush of new growth with many more tender tasty leaves. Enjoy!

1 potted spearmint plant
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  • Additional Details
    Common Name:


    Botanical Name:

    Mentha x Spearmint


    Full sun to partial shade


    Zones 3-9


    1-3 feet tall and 1 foot across, snip to maintain desired size


    blooms are understated, grown for culinary value

    Bloom Season:

    plants grown for culinary value

    Bulb/Plant Size:

    well rooted plant in 4" pot


    1 potted spearmint plant