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Lily of the Valley (6 flowering size pips)
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Lily of the Valley (6 flowering size pips)

Lily of the Valley Flowering Pips | Convallaria Majalis Blooming Size Bulbs - These pips will bloom this spring! Along with oriental lilies and tuberose, Lily of the Valley ranks at the top of the list of plants that produce fabulously fragrant flowers. Each Lily of the Valley bulb, or "pip", as they are called, produces a single sturdy 8"-9" stem decorated with a line of up to a dozen tiny scalloped bell-shaped blooms. At the base of this flower stem is a pair of fresh green leaves. The effect is simple, but group several dozen of these delightful darlings in a shaded groundcover patch and come spring, their sweet uplifting aroma will prompt you to stop, close your eyes and inhale deeply. Simply heavenly. These spread gently to form a fragrant groundcover.

Note: Most vendors do not sell the large size pips so if you buy elsewhere expect to wait a year for your first flowers.
6 large pips
  • Planting Guide

    Conical end pointing up even with the surface


    Provide about 1" of rain/irrigation per week


    Partial shade, more shade in hot areas


    2-3" apart

  • Additional Details
    Common Name:

    Lily of the Valley, Lily-of-the-Valley

    Botanical Name:

    Convallaria majalis


    Partial shade, more shade appreciated in the hottest climates


    Zones 2-8, 9 in foggy costal areas




    Pure white fragrant bells along a slender stem, excellent for cutting

    Bloom Season:


    Bulb/Plant Size:

    first season flowering pips


    6 large pips