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Kniphofia Little Maid
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Kniphofia Little Maid

Not all Red Hot Pokers are red. Prefer softer, more subtle colors? Earlier season blooms? Shorter flower spikes? Little Maid is the kniphofia for you! This beauty produces slender flower spires that are just 18-24 inches tall, half the height of others in this clan. The light yellow flowers develop from rich green buds and mature to whisper light ivory. Little Maid performs beautifully in Northern California, where it expands to clumps of narrow, grassy foliage two feet across and thrives with next to zero care. Blooms spring into summer.

1 bare root plant
  • Planting Guide

    Plant bulbs 3-4" deep


    Provide about 1" of rain/irrigation per week during active growth.


    Full sun to light shade in warmest areas


    18-24" apart

  • Additional Details
    Common Name:

    Torch Lily, Red Hot Poker, Tritomas

    Botanical Name:

    Kniphofia Little Maid


    Full sun to partial shade in warmest areas


    Zones 6-9


    1.5-2 feet tall, matures to clumps 2 feet across


    Tubular flowers of soft yellow fading to ivory

    Bloom Season:

    Late spring into summer

    Bulb/Plant Size:

    3-4 eye bare root kniphofia plant


    1 bare root plant