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Jasmine, Phillipine - Sweetly Scented
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Jasmine, Phillipine - Sweetly Scented

Philippine Jasmine | Jasmine Sambac Plant | Fragrant Jasmine Blooms Indoors

The national flower of the Philippines stands for Divine Hope - and one scent of it will explain why. Imagine lily of the valley and gardenia rolled into one sweet, clear incredible fragrance. Used in high end perfumes and teas, the tiny, dime-sized flowers are intricate and gloriously fragrant. While hardy in zones 9-11, it blooms virtually nonstop year round when grown indoors in any part of the country! Provide bright light indoors, and even moisture spring through fall. Allow the soil to dry a bit between waterings in winter. To maximize blooms, feed with a well-balanced house plant fertilizer once a week year round indoors, or spring through mid-fall outside. When planted in the ground, this lovely jasmine will grow up to 6 feet tall, yet can be kept to just 2 feet (climbing or trailing) by keeping the pot size to just 6". Enjoy the intoxicating scent of this exquisite jasmine indoors or out, this summer or all year round!

1 potted jasmine
  • Planting Guide

    Plant at the same depth as current soil line




    Full sun



  • Additional Details
    Common Name:

    Phillipine Jasmine, scented jasmine, fragrant jasmine, jasmine sambac

    Botanical Name:

    Jasminum sambac


    Full sun


    Zones 9-11


    2-6 feet


    ivory white blooms - deliciously fragrant

    Bloom Season:

    summer through mid-fall outdoors, off and on year round indoors

    Bulb/Plant Size:

    4" potted plant


    1 potted jasmine