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Giant White Squill
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Giant White Squill

We're all about big bulbs here at Easy to Grow Bulbs but these made our eyes pop! (They also stopped the local USDA inspector dead in her tracks when she happened by for a visit and she sees thousands of plants.) The bulbs are grown by a fellow who farms non-irrigated land in the Southern California desert. Each bulb is about 10 years old. (Read more about the development of Giant White Squill.)

The flowers are borne on tall upright stems that top out at about 5 feet. In the beginning the stalks are poker straight, but as they mature over a full month, they develop unusual twists and curls. An innovative florists' dream, these flowers have appeared in Architectural Digest, Garden Design and In Style magazines, in Pottery Barn catalogs, and have graced tables at the toniest Hollywood gatherings. Giant white squill bulbs produce wide, attractive leaves from November through May, slip into dormancy during mid summer and then sprout a huge flower stalk in August. With high "Wow" appeal, if you appreciate the unusual you'll love these!
1 huge bulb
  • Planting Guide

    Plant so top inch of bulb is exposed


    Water in when planting, no further supplemental water needed


    Full sun



  • Additional Details
    Common Name:

    Giant white squill

    Botanical Name:

    Urginea maritima


    Full sun or plant under the canopy of deciduous trees


    Zones 8 -10; not happy in areas that get frost


    Flower stalk 4 to 5 feet, foliage about 3 feet


    Hundreds of white flowers on stalks with unique curls and twists

    Bloom Season:

    August - September

    Bulb/Plant Size:



    1 huge bulb