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Flower Carpet Rose Appleblossom
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Flower Carpet Rose Appleblossom

Carpet Rose Appleblossom

A sport of the ever popular Flower Carpet Pink, Apple Blossom has the same growth habits but it delights with flowers in ever-changing shades of soft pastel pink. As easy care as its siblings, Appleblossom produces masses of blooms - over 3,000 flowers in a season on an established plant. Short plump buds begin rich pink then quickly open to provide a mass of semi-double soft beautiful pink roses. Flowers are up to 1 1/2 inches in diameter with 15-20 petals. Blossoms grow in clusters 6-8 inches across, with approximately 18 flowers per cluster. In summer blooms fade quickly to near white, then as the season changes and the weather cools, the soft pink coloring appears in the flowers again.

1 bare root rose plant
  • Planting Guide

    Plant with cane above soil surface; roots fanned out below


    Provide about 1" of rain/irrigation per week


    Full sun preferred, partial shade ok


  • Additional Details
    Common Name:

    Flower Carpet Rose, Appleblossom

    Botanical Name:

    Rosa Flower Carpet Appleblossom


    Full sun, in hot areas plant in semi-shade/filtered sunlight


    Zones 5-10, provide winter protection in zones 5 & 6 (see planting guide for details)


    24-32" tall, spread of 40" when established


    Semi-double soft pink roses produced in clusters

    Bloom Season:

    Late spring through autumn

    Bulb/Plant Size:

    #1 own-root rose (highest grade)


    1 bare root rose plant