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Goji Berry & Haskap Berry Planting Guide

What’s even better than healthy, fresh fruits? Superfruits! And that’s what you’ll get when you add antioxidant-rich Goji Berry and Haskap Berry plants to your garden. These prolific shrubs will shower you with nutritious, tasty berries year after year with minimal care and are also super-hardy—Gojis can grow in regions as cold as zone 4 and Haskaps tolerate climates as cold as zone 2!

Bright red Goji Berries (also called wolfberries) and deep purple-blue Haskap Berries (also called honeyberries) are so versatile that they can be grown in the ground or in containers and can be eaten fresh or dried. We’ve got all the tips you’ll need to reap this berry delicious harvest—read on!

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Success Snapshot


Plant with root ball even with soil line, needs well drained soil.


Moderate to lower once established.


Full Sun to Partial Sun


About 5 ft.


Summer Harvest


Haskap Berry: Zones 2-7

Where to Plant Goji Berries/Haskap Berries

Goji Berries and Haskap Berries do best in locations with full sun (Haskap Berries can tolerate partial shade) and excellent drainage. In areas with heavy clay soil, it’s best to plant in a raised bed or container. They need to develop an extensive root system, so make sure the container is large enough—8–10 gallons is recommended.

When to Plant Goji Berries/Haskap Berries

Plant in early spring after the last frost. In warmer regions where frosts are uncommon, plants will do well going in the ground in the fall.

How to Plant Goji Berries/Haskap Berries

  • Find a location with full sun or partial shade with well-draining soil. If you notice that water still puddles 5 to 6 hours after a hard rain, it's best to find a different spot or plant in a container or raised bed.
  • Ensure the bare roots are hydrated by soaking then in water for about an hour before planting.
  • Plant your Goji Berry or Haskap Berry bare-root plants with the crown no more than ½” below the surface of the soil. Pat the soil firmly around the roots.
  • Water thoroughly after planting to settle the soil around the roots.

How to Grow Goji Berries/Haskap Berries

  • Water deeply every week; 1” of water is a good estimate. Regular watering is important when the shrubs are blooming and setting fruit, but they can tolerate some drought later on.
  • Add a light mulch of compost to the surrounding soil to improve drainage and keep competing weeds at bay.
  • Apply a granular fertilizer in the early spring before new growth emerges and blossoms set.

Goji Berry/Haskap Berry Tips & Tricks

  • Plant more than one bush, spacing them 3–5’ apart, to increase productivity. Haskap Berries require another plant of a different variety for cross-pollination.
  • Harvest the berries once they ripen and become fully colored. Haskap Berries are fully ripe when they are deep purplish-red inside rather than green. Berries can be harvested by hand, or by spreading a tarp at the base of the shrub and shaking it vigorously to get ripe berries to fall.
  • Keep harvesting each day as the berries will deteriorate quickly or become food for the birds if left on the plant. Netting can be used to protect harvests.
  • Don’t prune the first year, but in later years prune to control size and shape.