How do I get free flower bulbs?

We gardeners always love trying something new and different, don’t we? To introduce our customers to fun new bulbs they might otherwise miss, we invented “Adventure Packs”. These free bulbs are shipped with every order of $50 or more. Adventure Packs allow you to experiment with additional cultivars and colors at no risk. We carry a number of garden-worthy bulbs that aren't as well known as they should be and this is our way of getting the word out about these beauties. These bags of free bulbs are from our regular bigger, better stock and are not seconds or undersized. They typically carry a retail value of between $6.95 and $9.95 and one package is included for each single product order of over $50.00 (S&H excluded from calculation). Explore and enjoy!


Bulb Sizes, Storing & More

What do your bulb size measurement mean?

Within any cultivar of flower bulb, various sizes are available in the marketplace. Every harvest yields some great big bulbs, lots of medium sized bulbs and some smaller bulbs, too. Some sellers elect to offer smaller bulbs so they can meet a lower price point. It is well known, however, that the size, quality, number and lasting power of the blooms from larger bulbs are far superior to that of these smaller bulbs. Yet your time and energy in the garden is the same, and surely your dreams of beauty to come are just as big, whether you are planting small bulbs, or the best the industry has to offer. So selecting the biggest, best bulbs is as important to us as it is to you - and we tell you right up front what size you will receive.

Flower bulbs are typically measured in centimeters (rarely, in inches) around the exterior of the bulb. All of our bulbs include this size information so you can compare with other bulb vendor's offerings, assuming the others provide this key info, too. (Occasionally, our farmers grade their bulbs as "top size" - in these cases we try to measure the size ourselves when the bulbs are received at our warehouse. The only time this measurement can't be done is in the case of plant varieties highly irregular shapes, like dahlia bulbs.)

When the directions say to plant 4" deep, is that measured from the top or the bottom of the bulb?

Planting depth is measured from the bottom of the bulb, where the roots grow. So, if instructions say to plant 4" deep, you'll dig a 4" deep hole and tuck the bulb in, base down.

Since flower bulbs and plants are shipped in a dormant state, can I store them for weeks or until next season, when I may have more time to plant?

No, that doesn't work well. Dormant bulbs and plants are alive and benefit from being out of the soil for as short a time as possible. While some varieties can be successfully held out of the ground longer than others, all should be planted promptly. Waiting weeks to plant greatly reduces the likelihood of success. If you know your schedule is going to be busy but want to make sure you get the exact varieties you want, order early and include a note on when you'd like your order shipped. We're happy to accommodate your schedule.


What is the best way to store my bulbs?

We strongly recommend planting your bulbs as soon as reasonably possible; they are alive, just dormant – like a deep sleep - and prefer to be in the ground. If you have to wait a while before planting, please consider the following:

  • Place two separate orders; the first for bulbs that you intend to plant in the ground mid fall and the second for December gift paperwhites and amaryllis. This way we can hold your amaryllis and paperwhite bulbs under ideal temperature, light and humidity conditions until you're ready to plant them.
  • If there's a short window of a couple weeks between when your bulbs arrive and when they get planted, here's how to store them. Place the bulbs in a dark, dry spot with good air circulation and temperatures in the 50-65 degree range.
  • NEVER store bulbs in your kitchen refrigerator. Many types of produce such as apples, bananas, avocados, pears and peaches give off ethylene gas as they ripen. This gas damages the tiny plant tucked inside your bulbs.

Why don't you offer the same varieties of bulbs all the time? For instance, why can't I buy tulips and daffodils in the spring and begonias in the fall?

Living bulbs go through normal rest or dormancy periods. During these non-growing phases they can be dug, shipped and replanted without disturbing their growing cycle. We sell bulbs while they are in their non-growth phase. This is why you'll see some varieties available only in the spring and some only in the fall. There are even a few, Lilies for example, that are such vigorous growers that their rest periods last for only a couple of weeks. (Occasionally, bulbs begin to wake up from their rest period late in their shipping season. Should you receive a bulb with fresh, new growth, don't worry. This is a bulb that is demonstrating its desire to get growing. Plant it gently, so as not to break off the new sprout. You'll have a healthy new plant in no time.)

A woman in my garden club bought some really unusual bulbs from you but I don't see them now. Where would I find them?

Our network of specialty growers sometimes turns up the most amazing bulbs. If you've been gardening for a while and think you've tried everything that is suited to your growing environment, these horticultural rarities are for you. On our homepage, look for the Weird & Wonderful tab along the left side. This is where you'll find the latest unusual garden treasures.  Bulbs in this section are usually in short supply - often less than 100 - and are sometime available only once. Should you find something here that you like, we urge you to act quickly. Weird & Wonderful sections often don't last long.


Catalog Requests

Can I order a catalog from your company?

Catalog requests - we get them all the time. Thing is, we don't have a paper catalog and don't plan to develop one. The catalog business is complex, expensive and time consuming. (One of our staffers has over a dozen years of catalog experience so we have an insider's view.) It's also wasteful; did you know that for the average mail order company more than 90% of the catalogs sent don't result in orders? Still, these mailings consume lots of trees, transportation energy and landfill space.

In today's world, there are better, more eco-friendly ways to serve customers. These include:

  • Redirecting the money that would have put toward printing and postage into buying bigger flower bulbs. This helps keep our prices for superior bulbs on par with those charged by others for smaller, less robust bulbs. So, better value for you.
  • Keeping product offerings fluid by being able to list small quantities of specialty bulbs and then removing them from the site when stocks are depleted, so as not to tease.
  • Containing staffing costs and related overhead. Again, this supports better value for customers.
  • Focusing our whole team on finding, presenting and shipping better flower bulbs and not worrying about press schedules, postal requirements, paper costs, mailing plans and the like.

Now that you've found us, hopefully you'll bookmark this site and stop back often to see what's new, different and fun in bigger, better flower bulbs. Lots of unusual choices. Outstanding value. And more.


Wholesale Purchases

Can I purchase bulbs, perennials and other plants from you at wholesale prices?

If you are a landscaper, grounds keeper, cut flower grower, retail nursery center, botanical garden or horticultural park manager in need of large quantities of bulbs, we can help you.  Our grower network spans the globe and we can often source unusual and hard to locate varieties. 

We offer virtually everything that is displayed on our website in wholesale quantities and prices. The information below outlines requirements for wholesale purchasing.

  • Wholesale orders are typically accepted and placed 2-3 months ahead of the planting season.  On occasion, for paperwhites for example, we may be able to make available wholesale purchases for in-season items. Our customer service department can assist with this.
  • Bulbs and other related products are offered in full case or tray quantities only.
  • Payment for orders is typically required at the time the order is placed. These special orders are non-refundable.

Please provide the following information if you would like us to supply a quote for your item(s):

  • The variety name(s) of the products you would like to buy.
  • The quantity of the item(s) you are interested in purchasing.
  • The region of the country the product will be grown in and it's intended use (i.e., resold at commercial nursery center, grown for cut flower production, etc).
  • Your desired delivery date along with any special considerations for delivery such as the ability to accept LTL shipments via a forklift or loading dock, etc.

If you are interested, please contact our customer service department either by phone toll free at (866) 725-5361 or by clicking on the "Contact Us" link at the bottom of our website.  You can also fax the information above directly to us at 760-754-0193. Or send it by e-mail to Service@EasytoGrowBulbs. com


Order Questions

When will my bulbs ship?

Each variety sold here includes information on when it's available for shipment. If the shipping window outlined has already begun then your bulbs will ship out promptly, usually within 1-2 business days. Bulbs are alive so it's important to work with, not against, Mother Nature for the best results. With this in mind, all our bulbs are the freshest available, often harvested just weeks before they arrive on your doorstep. We coordinate shipments so your bulbs are delivered at the right planting time for your area. You shouldn't have to store bulbs for extended periods or be tempted to put them in the ground before the soil has cooled or warmed, depending on the season, to a hospitable temperature. To help provide a little extra time to pick up any necessary supplies and make final decision about where varieties are going to be planted, we'll send you an email when the bulbs leave our building.

Payment Methods & Security

Credit cards are charged when orders are placed. This reserves your bulbs so that you don't have to worry about your favorites selling out. PCI (Payment Card Industry) Data Security Standards have been updated recently to required immediate charging of credit cards when orders are placed. Charging when orders are shipped is no longer an option for us. This new regulation keeps your credit card information from being stored until a later ship date by any compliant merchant, so there is never any concern about how and where that data is being held. In other words, this is a safer approach for buyers, which is the whole intent of the regulation. Our shopping cart transmits credit card information in an encrypted format, which makes it unreadable to hackers. It is a well tested, safe and secure process. Also, if you'd prefer to use PayPal or Google Checkout, these payment options exist, too.

How will my order ship?

Orders are shipped via FedEx or the US Postal Service depending on which carrier offers the best combination of delivery service/speed and economy to your address. Our goal is to keep shipping fees as reasonable as possible without sacrificing service. If you have a preference, please let us know. Please note, FedEx does not count weekend days as days for travel. We can also ship to a work address or to a neighbor if you prefer.

Can I order by phone?

Rather order by phone? We're delighted to talk with you; just call us toll free at 866-725-5361. From 8am to 5pm Monday through Friday, PST, are generally the best times to call. If you get our voicemail just leave a message and we'll call you back promptly. We often work over the weekend so feel free to try us then. If we're in, we'll be answering the phone. Otherwise, we'll call you back on Monday.

Can I order by fax or mail and pay with a check?

If you would prefer to fax or mail your order to us, please feel free to do so. Just shop using the website as you would if you were going to place the order online. This way the website will calculate everything for you including accurate shipping charges & taxes if applicable. Proceed as far as the screen with the words "Delivery & Place Order" at the top. Print the page. This page includes your name, address, shipping info, product choices and preferred shipping method. Fax this page along with your credit card information (number, expiration date and signature) to: 1-760-754-0193. 

For postal orders, mail the same page along with your payment, in the form of a credit card, check, or money order to us at the address below. Please be sure to include a contact phone number or email address in case there are any issues with your order. Also, please do not send cash.

Easy to Grow Bulbs 
c/o Order Department 
2521 Oceanside Blvd Ste A 
Oceanside, CA 92054

Either way, your order will be processed promptly when ready. If you'd like a notification email sent when we ship your bulbs, just provide an email address.

I live close by, can I come by and purchase at your store or pickup my order?

Unfortunately no, we do not have a retail facility and are located in an industrial complex with no parking facilities and no insurance to cover customer will call orders.  Fortunately though, time in transit for your order will be just one day from our warehouse which means you should always select the least expensive, ground method of delivery and will still receive expedited shipping service.

Do you charge Sales Tax?

Our place of business is in the state of California and we do collect sales tax at the current rate for all in-state shipments. This tax is calculated automatically during the checkout process for all applicable orders.


Our Guarantee

We guarantee that the bulbs and plants you receive will be:

  • True to name

  • The size noted on our site or larger

  • Disease and pest free

  • The varieties you ordered. No substitutes are made without your expressed permission.

  • Clearly labeled so you'll know which bag is which

  • Commercially cultivated; never taken from the wild

  • Supported by detailed planting instructions; just go to the Planting Guides section, found at the top of this page on the tab labeled "Planting Guides & Helpful Info".

We pack each order with care and constantly monitor our shipping partners' performance to ensure that your bulbs arrive in the same great shape they were in when they left us.

Please inspect your bulbs and plants upon receipt and notify us within 7 days if there are any concerns.

If a product arrives damaged, contact us. (Do not discard the goods.) Snap a photo so we can see the issue - and settle with the shipper - and email it to us with a note that outlines what happened.

We are happy to offer a full refund (less shipping & handling) for items returned to our warehouse in resalable condition within 30 days of receipt. Exceptions are fast sprouters like paperwhites, amaryllis, Asiatic lilies, Oriental lilies and dormant bareroot perennials; these must be mailed back to us within 7 days of receipt to be in salable condition. Return shipping costs are the customer's responsibility. If you are returning goods, please notify us in advance either by phone or email.

Please plant your bulbs immediately.

While dormant, these are alive and need to be treated accordingly. Flower bulbs perform best, and bloom soonest, when planted promptly. (The only exception to this advice is when the soil in your area is still very cool, as in early spring. In this case, it's best to wait a bit for the soil to warm.) If you plan to be out of town and would like for us to hold your shipment, just let us know.

Local Advice

For help with regionally appropriate solutions to weather, critter and disease problems, your local Cooperative Extension office is a terrific resource for answers specific to your area. Click here for links to state  Extension websites.


Please contact us by clicking the "Contact Us" link at the very top right area of our website or the link in the lower area of our site underneath "About Us". Include your telephone number in you email so we can respond quickly and correct any problems. Your success with our flower bulbs is important to us. We'll work hard to make you happy.

Amaryllis & Paperwhites

Nothing beats the winter blues like fresh growing and blooming amaryllis and paperwhites – making them hugely popular for the holidays. These are very tender bulbs, that will die if they freeze. We take great care when packaging your bulbs to protect them in transit; but bubble wrap can only go so far against a blizzard. In this record cold spell, USPS and FedEx do not guarantee against packages freezing in transit, so we cannot either.  

To ensure your order arrives safely, please consider the following:

  • For orders that must arrive by Christmas, Expedited Shipping ensures the bulbs spend the least time in transit and are best protected from the cold.

  • For orders that do not require delivery before Christmas – please type Monday / Friday in the Order Notes. That will let us know you welcome having your order shipped at the best time to ensure safety in transit rather than a specific arrival time.

  • If your delivery address is in a very cold climate, consider having them delivered to a work address or to a friend who is home during the day. Packages brought indoors upon arrival are much safer than those that sit on the door step all day long.

Rest assured, we will do our very best to ensure your gifts arrive healthy and happy and ready to grow! Best wishes for a beautiful Holiday Season and a Flower-filled New Year!