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Ranunculus - Tecolote Yellow

Ranunculus - Tecolote Yellow

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Includes: 10 Ranunculus corms

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Brilliant Yellow Tecolote Ranunculus Bulbs for Sale | Yellow

Buckle up, buttercup! These bubbly Ranunculus flowers are the true "buttercups," opening atop strong, elegant stems to expose layers of vivid yellow petals. They're perfect for cutting, lasting an extended period in arrangements, and also look positively gorgeous in the garden.

Grown at the famous Carlsbad Flower Fields, our Ranunculus bulbs are hardy outdoors in zones 8-11 (for fall planting) but are more than welcome in gardens of cooler regions. In zones 3-7, simply purchase bulbs and keep them in a cool (but not freezing), dry spot, and plant outside in April or May in containers or the garden for a gorgeous spring display. If you're a cool climate gardener, we guarantee you'll be the only ones with these flowers, and you can show your neighbors what they're missing!

Easy to Grow Features:

  • Zone: 8 - 11; Zones 3 - 7 with Frost Protection
  • Height: 18 - 24 in.
  • Spread: 4 - 6 in.
  • Sunlight: Full Sun; Bright Direct Indoors
  • Water: Moderate with Growth
  • Flowering time: Spring
  • Flower Color: Yellow
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  • Planting Depth
  • Planting Proximity
  • Planting Season
    Fall or Spring
  • Plant Benefits
    Popular amongst cut flower growers and gardeners alike.
  • Water Quantity
    Moderate with growth
  • Bloom Season
  • Sunlight Quantity
    Full Sun; Bright Direct Indoors
  • Hardiness Zones
    Zones 8-10

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Well I got them planted . But they haven’t come yet