Why Knock Out® Roses Will Knock Your Socks Off

Why Knock Out® Roses Will Knock Your Socks Off

It used to be that rose gardening was reserved for the diehard gardener who didn’t mind — and sometimes actually loved — puttering around in the garden, snipping and spraying. It took a lot to keep those roses looking good and growing healthy. And for what? One bloom cycle per year. Well, while all roses are classic beauties, there’s one rose family that defies the rose stereotype, converting once skeptical rose gardeners into passionate converts.

It’s the Knock Out® rose, and it’s nearly everything you want in a rose, and nothing you don’t. After debuting in 2000, Knock Out® roses quickly gained popularity and introduced a whole new generation of gardeners to the joys of rose gardening.

They're still "growing strong" today, and for great reason. If you want the beauty of roses without the work, you want Knock Out® roses. 


Red Knock out Roses For Sale 

How to Grow Knock Out® Roses

Knock Out® roses feature unparalleled disease resistance, an amazing extended bloom season, and easy maintenance — ideal for passionate gardeners with active and hectic lifestyles.

They grow, on average, up to 3-4’ tall and wide, prefer 6-8 hours of direct sun every day, and are cold-hardy to USDA Hardiness Zone 5. And the famous bloom time? These shrubs put on a show from late spring through early fall. If you live in Zones 8 and higher, you might even get to enjoy blooms in December!


How to Plant Knock Out® Roses

Select a sunny spot to plant your Knock Out® Rose. These plants bloom the best when they get at least 6-8 hours of sun per day. Dig a hole about one and a half times as wide as the container and just as deep. Pull the rosebush out of the container and place in the hole and then fill in around the root ball. Water when you plant. That's it! Easy peasy!

Your Knock Out® roses from Easy to Grow Bulbs are fully rooted and growing in extra deep containers. We do NOT ship bare root rose plants, so your roses are ready to give you beautiful blooms during their first growing season!

 Knock Out Rose Plants for Sale

How to Prune Knock Out® Roses

Prune Knock Out® roses in late winter or early spring after danger of last frost has passed. Cut the whole shrub back to about 12” high. While that might seem severe, pruning hard will produce a nicely shaped shrub with more blooms throughout the growing season. (Take our word for it.) And there’s no need to deadhead with Knock Out® roses; those blooms will just keep coming!


How to Fertilize Knock Out® Roses

While fertilizing isn’t strictly necessary, if you need to give your Knock Out® rose a boost, use a balanced fertilizer (The number on the package should be something like 7-7-7.) only after the rose is established and has gone through its first bloom cycle. And never fertilize in late summer, when the plant is preparing for dormancy.


How to Water Knock Out® Roses

When you first plant your Knock Out®  shrub from Easy to Grow Bulbs, give the plant a good drink. (A full large watering can full.) Then, water when the top two inches of soil are dry during the first growing season. After that, you really won't need to water your roses unless your area doesn't have rain for three or more weeks. Knock Out® Roses are very drought tolerant!



Best Ways to Use Knock Out® Roses 

Our Knock Out® rose selection includes Double Red, Double Pink, Sunny (yellow), and Coral. They're all gorgeous, warm shades that blend well with perennials, stand out in containers, and grow into beautiful hedges. 

Here's how to use Knock Out® Roses in your landscape.

Hedges & borders

With their long bloom time, these roses are perfect for long hedges or borders when you want a long line of vivid color. For maximum impact, use one color for the entire hedge, or alternate two colors. Feeling artsy and bold? Create sweeps with one color and then transition into another.

Knock Out Roses

Container plantings

Knock Out® roses do quite well in larger container plantings because of their manageable size. Plant them on their own as a focal point, or surround them with low growing annuals in a complementary hue, or go old-school with a ring of ivy cascading over the edge. While you can use any kind of container that inspires you, unless you want to water a lot more often, go for glazed containers rather than moisture-absorbing terracotta.


Perennial beds

Knock Out® roses combine beautifully in nearly any kind of perennial bed you can image. Pair them with clipped evergreen shrubs for a more formal and classic look, or loosen up and interplant them with other flowering perennials and annuals. Ornamental grasses are a lovely — if unexpected — addition to a rosy perennial garden, with their wispy texture providing a unique contrast.


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