Valentine's Day Gifts

Valentine's Day Gifts

If you’re a gardener and love Valentine’s Day, you’re probably up for gifting the people you love some plant presents (assuming the recipients are also gardeners or plant lovers, of course!). We’d love to make your gifting even easier with our suggestions on the perfect gift for that love-filled, heart happy holiday.

  1. Red, pink, and white flowers: You can certainly gift a plant of any color for any holiday, of  course, but if you’re going for traditional colors, choose plants in shades of red, pink, or white (or a combination). Or expand your color palette with a variety of romantic shades that we’ve collected for you as well.
  2. Heart-shaped flowers or foliage: From the obvious bleeding heart and anthurium to the more unexpected oxalis, alstroemeria, alocasia, Colocasia and more, plants with heart-shaped petals and leaves make thoughtful and lovely gifts.
  3. Beautifully scented plants: Fragrant flowers add a layer of deliciousness that is hard to top. Whether you choose sweetly perfumed, lightly scented, or a more intoxicating scent, fragrant flowers fill the whole room with their presence.
  4. Pre-packaged gifts: We’ll take the guesswork out of the equation for you with our pre-packaged and planted gifts. Choose from amaryllis, paperwhites, oxalis, succulents and more, all planted in coordinating containers that create a complete experience for both you and the recipient.
  5. Houseplants: We love houseplants and believe that they are perfect gifts for any occasion. They’re also ideal gifts for your loved ones with no outside planting areas, who are beginning gardeners, or who have a houseplant obsession that you can support.
  6. Gift Cards: Gift cards sometimes get a bad rap for being a “too easy” present. But if you’re a plant lover and you receive a gift card from a plant company? That is a golden elixir, friends. Our gift cards come in denominations ranging from $25 up to $200, making it easy for you to complete all of your Valentine’s Day shopping.
  7. Plants with meaning: Did you know that the Victorians assigned hidden meanings to all types of plants, flowers, and colors? Do a quick internet search on “Victorian flower meanings” and a whole new world will open up to you. Now, the reason they did this (Victorian etiquette frowned upon some feelings not being verbally or directly expressed) no longer exists in modern society, but we still think it’s a charming gesture.

Some of our favorites include:

    • Apple Blossom (“preference”): While you probably aren’t going to scout down an actual apple blossom, you could gift an Amaryliis Apple Blossom in delicate shades of pink and white.
    • Tulips (“passion”): This traditional meaning applies to the entire family of tulips, so you can shop to your heart’s content. 
    • Crocus (“cheerfulness, youthful gladness”): Charming late winter/early spring bloomers, crocus could be the perfect gift for a young or budding gardener.
    • Cyclamen (“resignation, goodbye”): The surprising hidden meaning of cyclamen doesn’t need to signal the end of a relationship — it could be ideal for a loved one or friend who is moving away.
    • Daffodil (“unequalled love”): This daffodil meaning makes it a wonderful gift for literally anyone you love from partners to children, parents, and friends.
    • Dahlia (“good taste”): A single dahlia indicating good taste is a fun gift to give to your stylish friend of family member. Or literally anyone, because if they are friends with you then they’ve obviously displayed good taste, wouldn’t you agree?
    • Daylily (“mother”): Popular daylilies are a lovely way to tell your mom (or anyone who fills that role with you) that you appreciate them!
    • Gladiolus (“strength, victory”): Dramatic, colorful, and upright gladiolus conveys a strong message to anyone who has gone through a challenging time and come out on the other side.
    • Iris (“wisdom, faith, hope, trust”): Dependable and easy to grow iris send a beautiful message of hope to one you love.
    • Peony (“bashful, happy life”): While we never think of peonies as bashful types of flowers, we love that they indicate a happy life. What’s not to love about that?

    But beware of sending roses, because their meanings entirely depend upon the color you choose and can range from passionate love to mourning, jealousy, innocence, or infidelity. It simply wouldn’t be in good form to send your beloved husband or partner yellow roses unless you want them to know you love them a little less these days! Hey, we’re here for all of your flower bulb and relationship needs, and we’re good with that.

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