The Simple Secret to Extending Peony Blooming in Your Garden!

The Simple Secret to Extending Peony Blooming in Your Garden!

Peonies are a staple ingredient in perennial borders, and those who garden simply can't get enough of their massive, romantic blooms. Add in a lovely, sensual fragrance, and it's no wonder we want to extend the blooming season of these luscious charmers

Peonies are exceptionally long-lived plants that are highly resistant to hungry critters and require minimal care to produce brightly-colored blooms. The only complaint Peony growers have is that they want more time to bask in the beauty of those fabulous flowers! So, let's explore how to extend Peony blooming in your garden!

As if by magic, Peonies can bloom for over 100 years. Each individual bloom lasts around 7-10 days, and each plant will give multiple blooms! The simple secret to extending Peony blooming in your garden is to plant varieties that flower at different times within the roughly 6-week period of proficient blooming. Varying types bloom at different times, and luckily for you, we have them all conveniently labeled as early, early-mid, mid, and late season. Alright, so now that you're a master of extending Peony blooming season, let's explore the different types a little more in-depth!

Early Season Peonies

As the first Peonies to bloom, early-season types splash spring gardens with a glorious array of colors, forms, and fragrance. In addition to the traditional pink and white Peonies we all know and love, several luscious coral varieties also make their grand debut in the early season. These Peonies are ideal for gardeners in mild winter climates or where summer heat arrives early, as blooming before the intense heat ensures that the plants can fully flower.

Examples of Early Season Peonies:

  • Coral Charm
  • Red Charm
  • Pink Hawaiian
  • Alertie
  • Albert Niva
  •  Early Mid Season Peonies

    Following closely behind the early season types are the early mid-season bloomers that conveniently arrive between the first and mid-season Peonies. These offer a tremendous variety of vibrant colors and fascinating flower forms in addition to that unbelievable fragrance!

    Examples of Early Mid Season Peonies:

  • Duchess de Nemours
  • Festiva Maxima
  • Gardenia
  • Gay Paree
  • Kansas
  • Mid Season Peonies

    Next come the mid-season blooming varieties, which contain countless cherished heirloom Peonies. These celebrated charmers hold a special place in our hearts as they have graced gardens in America since before the Declaration of Independence!

    Examples of Mid Season Peonies:

  • Benjamin Franklin
  • Big Ben
  • Edulis Superba
  • Mrs. F.D. Roosevelt
  • Koppius

  • Late Season Peonies

    Late-blooming Peonies are ideal for planting in climates where the summer heat waits until July. This category includes some of the most romantic and favorited varieties among gardeners. Last to flower is the spectacular Peony Sword Dance, a vision of brilliant flowers with magenta-red petals.

    Examples of Late Season Peonies: 

  • Bartzella
  • Dr. Alexander Fleming
  • Bowl of Beauty
  • Felix Crousse
  • Karl Rosenfeld
  • Sara Bernhardt
  • The fleeting beauty of Peonies is a kind reminder to slow down and cherish the present moment. Who knew a single Peony plant could teach so many valuable life lessons? Thankfully, we can extend the splendor of these sumptuous blooms by planting different types! 


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