Holiday Gift Guide

Holiday Gift Guide

The holidays are coming right up, and before you know it, you’ll be sitting around scratching your head and thinking, “What do I give my boss?” Well, it could be a boss, a thoughtful neighbor, your favorite sibling (be honest, you’ve got a favorite), or a dear friend. We are strong advocates for gifting plants, whether it’s for the holidays or another special occasion. But which plant to what person? To no one’s surprise, we have a few thoughts on the matter.

Choosing the Right Plant for the Person

First, know your audience — gifting plants should create joy rather than disappointment or frustration. What are their interests? What’s their lifestyle like? And second, have an idea where this plant gift is going. Will it be indoors or planted and enjoyed outdoors? 

Take a look at our Gift section for inspiration, then refer to this list to see if any of these descriptions are ringing a bell:

  • Garden Newbie: Give them something easy to grow so they feel successful and accomplished! For houseplants, try amaryllis, pothos, sansevieria, ZZ plant, or airplants. For bulbs, we recommend low maintenance reblooming bearded iris, daffodils, or daylilies.
  • Houseplant Lover: Houseplants are hugely popular! From peace lily and anthurium to dracaena, hoya, and more, they’ll love you forever for aiding their addiction hobby.
  • The Busy Gardener: Really busy people do busy things: They travel a lot, are on the go, and do not have time to fuss over plants. If you’re going to give them a plant, make it something that thrives on neglect, like a sansevieria, succulents, or ZZ plant.
  • Appreciates Plants But Is Not a Gardener: It’s okay; not everyone is a gardener. We won’t judge (much). But there are “grow ‘em and throw ‘em” plants that most people would enjoy that do not require extended care. Consider pre-potted amaryllis bulbs in beautiful containers. There’s no planting involved, and when the amaryllis is done blooming, the recipient can dispose of it.
  • The Zen Friend: Your Zen friends who love plants likely have a connection to the things they grow. Gift them the Good Vibes Houseplant Collection with a trio of plants known to create peace, harmony, and good luck — braided money tree, dracaena lucky bamboo, and pilea peperomioides. We feel only good energy ahead!
  • The Collector: Know someone who loves all the plants and collects as many as possible? Send them an offbeat variety of their favorite flower/bulb, a new-to-them houseplant, a hard-to-find variety, or something trendy that you think they simply must have.
  • The Woodsy Friend: Give them a Rosemary Topiary Tree gift to enjoy indoors over the holidays. Afterwards, it can be planted outdoors to grow in the herb garden. Great for foodies and herbalists as well!

Still unsure? Give them a gift card! We’re not sure why gift cards get an occasional bad rap, but rather than being thoughtless, it allows your recipient to choose what they really like. Send an Easy to Grow gift card from $25 - $200 to make plant gifting a snap.

Ordering a bunch of gifts for employees, coworkers, or customers/clients? 

If you have 5 or more gifts to buy for valued clients, for example, download our Corporate Gift Catalogue to make gifting easy!

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