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Amaryllis Post Care Instructions

Amaryllis Post Care Instructions

How to Make Amaryllis Bulbs Rebloom

When you invest in great quality amaryllis bulbs, you'll enjoy many seasons of bloom from them. When planted outdoors in zones 8b and higher, amaryllis naturally bloom in the spring. If you want to try your hand at getting them to rebloom around the holidays, you'll have to take a bit more care, but it isn't difficult. We'll show you how.

Amaryllis flowers

In general, let your amaryllis bulb be your guide for post-bloom care. As long as the bulb has green, growing foliage, continue to provide it with light, water, and periodic feeding of plant food. Producing those big blooms takes a lot of energy!

You might want to take your amaryllis outdoors for some sunshine spring through fall – just be sure to bring it in before your first frost. If your amaryllis goes dormant (they don’t always, and this is no concern at all) simply withhold water and let the soil dry. When you see new growth emerge, resume watering. See? Super simple – and so sweet when new blooms form. 

If you find it easier to follow a step by step guide to care for plants, here are your extended instructions for making amaryllis rebloom.


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How to Care for Amaryllis After they Finish Blooming

Don't toss your amaryllis bulbs after they finish blooming! You can keep them as houseplants and then coax them into bloom during the next holiday season. Here's what to do when the flowers fade:

    1.  Snip off the flower stems about 1/2" from the bulb. Don't cut off the leaves. (Put a hand under the cut ends of the stems as you carry them to the trash because they contain a surprising amount of juice that will drip on your floors.) If the bulbs are big, most will develop second, or even third, flower stalks. Just snip the blossom stalks off as the blooms fade and savor all the flowers your bulbs produce. After the last bloom stalk has been clipped off your amaryllis will still be attractive, with strappy, dark green leaves.

    2. Place your plants on sunny windowsills so the leaves can gather light, photosynthesize, and provide nourishment to the bulbs. At this point, the bulbs will be making sugars to store so they can bloom again.

    3. Keep watering your plants so the soil says lightly moist, but never soggy.

    4. Move plants outdoors for a summer vacation. Choose a sunny location move them outside when night temperatures are consistently above 50 degrees. If the containers have drainage holes, you can leave the bulbs in their pots and nestle them somewhere in the middle to back of the garden where they can blend in. If there are no drainage holes, the pots will fill with water when it rains and the bulbs will rot. To avoid this, simply remove the amaryllis and replant them in the garden at the same depth (shoulders exposed) that they were in their pots.

    5. Give them a little fertilizer after moving them inside.

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How to Make Amaryllis Rebloom at Christmas

Amaryllis growing in pots

  1. In early to mid autumn, before the first frost, bring your amaryllis bulbs back inside and cut off all the foliage about 1"-2" from the top of the bulbs. Place the bulbs in a dry, dark place. Basements are good choices, and even the back of a closet will work.

  2. At this point you are forcing your bulbs to take a rest and slip into a few weeks of dormancy before starting a new flowering cycle. During this period, completely stop watering.

  3. Let your amaryllis "sleep" for ten to twelve weeks. (So make sure that you bring them in to "sleep" so you'll have plenty of time to get them to start growing and blooming for the holidays.)

  4. Then, start the growing cycle over just as you did when your first planted the bulbs. Replace the soil with fresh mix, remove any dead leaves and old, peeling bulb sheaths (these look like the dried, outer skins on an onion), and replant, again leaving the bulb shoulders exposed.

  5. Place your bulbs in bright light and give them one good drink of water. The combination of light and water will "wake up" the plants and encourage them to start growing again. When the first little leaves appear, and not before, begin watering regularly. (If you give a steady supply if water to a bulb with no foliage, the bulb will rot.)

With good care most amaryllis bulbs will bloom seasonally for years. Some cultivars even develop offspring bulbs along side the mother bulbs and these youngsters eventually grow large enough to bloom, too.


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  • Katie Elzer-Peters
Comments 204
  • Marianela

    I did not know anything about an amerillys and after it died I didn’t clip the leaves off, just the flowers. Is it okay to water it again if it’s still green? I just have the green stump. I put it outside like y’all said so just wanted to make sure I wasn’t killing it😂 Thank you 😊

  • Sarah

    My amaryllis bloom beautifully around the holidays, The blooms died and I cut the stalks back, the leaves have increased in number and are lovely. The plant is in a glass like pot sitting in my sun room, I can see roots coming down through the pebbles. I really do not know what I should do next, so I will just leave it in its happy place until I hear from you.
    Thanks for your help in advance.

  • Betty

    What kind of fertilizer works best for amaryllis?

  • Linda weston
    Linda weston

    I have fallen in love with the amarllis flowers. My question is when it blooms and new leaves come out when do I cut them for the bulb to go dormant?

  • Debra Conrad
    Debra Conrad

    I live in Florida, have a beautiful scarlet red with four blooms and another getting ready to start, foliage is short, everything in Florida is different than other states, any advice?

  • Linda M Nelson
    Linda M Nelson

    Mine developed three leaves almost two feet tall but never a flower stem. What did I do wrong? Would it be worth saving the bulb to try again?

  • Paul HUGHES
    Paul HUGHES

    My amaryllis produced eight magnificent flowers off two stems from a single bulb this Christmas. The bulb has now produced healthy tall green leaves and seems happy enough. It is likely that it will bloom at the same time of year again? You mentioned amaryllis blooming in Springtime- is that a different variety perhaps?

  • Maureen

    Thank you. My very first plant. Was amazed at the show.

  • SYlvia

    This is the 2nd year that my amaryllis. did not bloom…it’s been re potted and fertilize ….just give off big healthy leaves but so far no bloom…I’ve look every morning to see if any one coming but no luck… what did I do wrong.?

  • Debbie Morris
    Debbie Morris

    How to treat Amaryllis bulbs in sunny South Africa after flowering. We never get frost.

  • Barb

    I bought several bulbs back in early December from one of the big box stores. Only 10% of them bloomed. The remaining 90% haven’t really done anything since I planted them – no leaves, no new roots, nothing. Are they totally spent? Is there anything I can do to renew them?

  • Christopher C Lind
    Christopher C Lind

    I received a bunch of Amaryllis bulbs for my class to grow. Some of the had grown in the box. They have like a eight inches of grow and very yellow.. Should I cut them back? It is not the normal green center. Thanks

  • NAncy jOnes
    NAncy jOnes

    What kind of fertilizer do I use?

  • Betty Ferrell
    Betty Ferrell

    I have pollen allergies. What will happen if I cut out the pollen parts of the stamen?

  • Betty jean N tony
    Betty jean N tony

    Very good advice and instructions, received a beautiful pink one for Christmas, gorgeous blooms four on one stem, another bud getting ready to pop, don’t know how many blooms that will have. Hope I have good luck with this one, had some in previous years but they never bloomed, will follow your instructions, wish me good luck, thanks. Betty Jean.

  • Chris

    I have an amaryllis since late spring. It has not bloomed. But the leaves are drooping over so much that
    I have to tie the leaves up. Why is that and what can I do. Please help.

  • Ronald James Mejia
    Ronald James Mejia

    If I use a grow light in the basement because I do not have enough room in my house, do I turn the light off at night so the plant gets day and night + watering.????

  • FRank lIberi
    FRank lIberi

    I planted 24 (seeds) 4 years ago. This week just in time for Xmas a 3 flowered beautiful red bloom exploded. I am extremely happy and proud of this achievment. I encourage all amaryllis growers to be patient and treat them as a friend, you will be rewarded.

  • CHristine Bailey
    CHristine Bailey

    I put the bulb in the shed and forgot about it, it has started to grow and has produced lots of leaves but no flowers what should I do.

  • Carol Coert
    Carol Coert

    My friend just gave me the amaryllis plant wrapped in wax. It says not to water or anything. Once it blooms if I want it to bloom again what steps do I take to make that happen. I need detailed instructions as I am not great with keeping plants alive. Thank you.

  • val

    PO Box 3391 This is my first year at restarting my amaryllis and my mother in laws , last year mine had awesome blooms hers had none, both have come back really good except hers has no bloom and mine does. I did the same thing with both of them. I kept them in the garden all summer and to the end of Sept. I never did the rest thing, should I let it rest in 2020 and see if it will bloom ?

  • Bruce

    I know this is an old post. There seems to be some concern about flower stems with no leaves, and leaves with no flowers. Depends on the variety. I have both those that flower before growing leaves, and those that flower after. If the leaves grow well, and then die back without flowering, then perhaps the bulb needs more food (low nitrogen) and be careful about watering.

  • Jennifer Andrews
    Jennifer Andrews

    Thank you for all the helpful information! My only concern is that my bulb does not have any roots on it. Should I bother to plant it?

  • Sandra Murphy
    Sandra Murphy

    got huge bulbs from you last year. After blooming time and when weather was warm, I put them outside. They grew large healthy leaves (including some baby side plants) all summer long. I took them into the garage when we had inclement weather in September, then inside – but some bulbs leaves are not wilting. Should I cut the leaves off even though still green and put them in the dark? Above it says 10 weeks of dormancy – other sites say 6-8. Which works best?

  • Laura

    Flowers are dying after blooming. New flowers continue to grow.should I cut off the dead blooms & how close to the stem?

  • Brent

    We just received our first Amaryllis from good friends. We’re looking forward to the blooming around the Christmas season.

  • Charlotte

    Hi I have these beautiful plant last year I had four flowers this year I got 5 they are a lovely plant I didn’t no the name until this morning when I cut the bloom to take to my grandma who is at present residing in a rest home in Wellington. Thankyou

  • Joyce Hatchett
    Joyce Hatchett

    I did not plant the bulbs in the yard after the blooming last Christmas season. I did continue watering in the pots until the leaves died back before cutting.
    Then I put them in a bucket in a darker place of the garage. I’ve read somewhere that they should be put in the refrigerator for a while before planting again.
    But I have not done this yet. Any advise you can give me will be appreciated. Thanks!

  • Mary

    Hi, about two years ago, I purchased a white amaryllis bulb which bloomed beautifully with one double flower. Next year after I put it to sleep and “woke” it up and had two stems with multiple flowers-it looked like a four way stop sign-unbelievable!. Unfortunately, I over water and it died. Brought another one and will try again. Wish me luck.

  • Denis

    Just picked up a bunch of potted bulbs with green leaves. They were bone dry. I watered when i got home. How should I care for the bulbs? I have no back history to go alone with them. Thanks!!

  • Jeff Gillette
    Jeff Gillette

    I bought one with two beautiful flowers. After blooming I cut back all stalks and leaves and let rest in closet. After a few months, I started watering and green leaves grow nicely, but no stalks and no flowers What went wrong?

  • Norma Johnson
    Norma Johnson

    I live in Southern Cal. My flower are in pots out colors. When is the best time to start feeding them and what type of fertilizer? Thank you

  • Norma Johnson
    Norma Johnson

    I live in Southern Cal. My flower are in pots out colors. When is the best time to start feeding them and what type of fertilizer? Thank you

  • Sj

    The last time I had a flower was Feb. I was recently told to cut off all the massive green leaves and to let the bulb dry out and then place it back into the watery rocks in October!! Did I just kill my bulb?!

  • Victoria Midkiff
    Victoria Midkiff

    My son has gotten a Christmas Amaryllis from St. Nick (Dec. 6) every year since he was 18 months old. He was so amazed when he was little. He pulled this cardboard box out of his stocking. We set it in a sunny window, and by Christmas Day, he had a big showy flower. I wish we knew years ago how to save these plants. We’d have a jungle by now.

  • Sissie

    My son has started a huge amaryllis bed. We live in Florida with high temperatures. How can we protect these precious bulbs from the excessive heat and how often do you water the bulbs?
    Thank you in advance for any information given.

  • Pam

    I got a bulb about 3 years ago for Christmas and it never bloomed. Tried and tried to get it to bloom the last couple of times but it never did. I lost interest and put it in our cold storage. About mid June my husband got into the cold storage and he was amazed. The bulb had leaves and 2 pods. He brought it upstairs and I now have 5 flowers and 2 will soon open up. Is it normal for them to bloom in June? Also, I saw someone mentioning pods and seeds. Where do I get the seeds to start to grow bulbs? I would love to try it!

  • Julie

    I received bulb only grew very tall leaves no flower, any ideas sugestions, on what went wrong? I’ve had the in the past with no problems. I’m going to let it go dormant and try again. Any answers what went wrong will be helpful

  • Ki M
    Ki M

    I received a amaryllis bulb kit in December and it has 10 leave’s and no stalk or flowers. It has been 6 months now and still green leave’s. How do I get it to grow a stalk and flower?

  • Peter & Julie Barcia
    Peter & Julie Barcia

    I live in Hawaii; a neighbor suggested that I put the bulbs in the refrigerator. I haven’t done this but considering this as going on some long vacations. Have grown many nice flowers from 1 original plant about 8-10 yrs ago. Also, the plants were orange and white, and recently my daughter had one of these which was bright blood red. She insists this was from one of mine given to her last year. Is this possible? The type of fertilizer or other? Thank you,

  • Kay Williams
    Kay Williams

    My amarylis just growns beautiful green leaves – no flowers or stems. Help!

  • Betty Dawson
    Betty Dawson

    Just received huge samba amaryllis bulb as a gift in memory of a friend who died and had loved these bulbs. It is showing one very small leaf. Do I need to water it right away and let it bloom early -such as in the next 10 weeks or so— or can I delay watering and save it for a winter bloom?

  • EiLeen sChubert
    EiLeen sChubert

    Is it better to allow the stalks of the blossoms to dry out before pruning them from the bulb? Is that moisture good for the growth of the bulb?
    Thanks eileen

  • Betsy

    To reply to Julie, who asked about growing in Florida, I lived in Jacksonville and just planted the bulbs outside leaving their shoulders exposed. They grew and multiplied like crazy, blooming naturally every spring. When they started sending up flower spikes, I would use a liquid fertilizer to give them a boost, usually just once a year.

  • Jean Guenot
    Jean Guenot

    What should I do with the bulbs on top of the large stem? My Amarylis s grew so beautiful with 5 red flowers and I would love to see it grow again. Thank you.

  • Jean Guenot
    Jean Guenot

    What should I do with the bulbs on top of the large stem? My Amarylis s grew so beautiful with 5 red flowers and I would love to see it grow again. Thank you.

  • Beverly McCarthy
    Beverly McCarthy

    Mine bloomed over the holidays beautifully. I snipped faded blooms, lots of nice leaves grew. Before I googled this I snipped all the leaves off😑. Did I ruin my beautiful plant for next year?


    Care for amaryllis being planted outdoors in Florida, zone 9 ? I leave to go north first week of April and don’t return until mid-October. Area being used for amaryllis gets about 4 hours sunlight and summer season is reasonably rainy. Also have a drip line under the soil. Do I need to take any special precautions? No one will be looking after them while I am away. Thanks.

  • Alvern Miersma
    Alvern Miersma

    I was given an Armaryllis bulb 5 years ago, I planted it in a pot and put it outside and ignored it somewhat, It had many gorgeous blooms this summer, this year pot was so over grown that I had to break the pot apart to remove the bulbs, all 103 of them. 8XL, 7L, 10M, 14MS, 22S, 42tiny ones. Southern California

  • Karen

    I have ha my bulb for several years and I have gotten several starter bulbs from it. I fertilized the flowers and appear to have seed pods where they were. How do I harvest the seeds?

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