Spooky Halloween Colors in the Year-Round Garden

Spooky Halloween Colors in the Year-Round Garden

It’s only Halloween one day per year, and most people let their Halloween spirit out only in the month of October. But if Halloween or spooky, creepy plants is your jam, you can create that in your garden year-round! We say, why wait for one month when there’s 11 other months that need the creep effect?

What makes a plant “spooky?”

Well, that is certainly up for debate. But around here, we think spooky plants are any of the following:

How to Add Spooky Halloween Colors to Your Garden

We highly recommend being clear from the beginning about what you want this garden to look like. Dark and creepy? Moody and romantic? Bright and fun? Because these plants are individually striking and dramatic, if you throw them all into the garden together, it may look like a frightening mess. Maybe one of these tips will help you achieve the creepy Halloween effect you want:

  • Blend colors carefully. We love a dark blackish purple blended with lavender and silver, a jolt of yellow with bright purple, traditional orange and white, and all-white or silver. Every color scheme creates a mood; think about what you want and then choose your colors (and plants) accordingly.
  • Use a healthy dose of green. Remember those green shrubs, trees, and groundcovers — their muted shades will effectively balance out the strong colors in the flowers.
  • Adhere to general garden design concepts. Remember the rules about contrast, repetition, and texture? Those still apply! Perhaps even more so when your garden is a bit different than the norm.
  • Read our blog about how to incorporate weird plants into your garden. It’s literally titled “5 Ways to Incorporate Weird Plants into Your Garden.” You’re welcome.
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