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Stephania Rotundifolia
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Stephania Rotundifolia

Stephania Rotundifolia | Mountain Turtle Plant | Stephania Venosa | Stephania Bulbs
This intriguing plant novelty is found growing in rich soils in Malaysia, with little water and dappled sunlight. Stephania are long lived (50+ years!), and can grow up to 25 feet tall, a vining set of stems with heart shaped leaves, and orange blooms which give way to bright red-orange seed pods. Despite lush foliage and lovely blooms, it is actually the bulb - or tough, woody caudex - that people tend to fall in love with! Said to look like a turtle (though no turtle I have ever seen) the caudex sits on top of the soil, sending its roots down into exceptionally well drained, though fertile soil. Tender to frost, stephania will happily grow in a container, and provided a tight fit, the caudex develops interesting twists, bumps and folds.

Hard to find, Stephania is easy to grow and to fall in love with! Happy indoors, or out in shady conditions. Give this oddity a chance, and it will surely charm you! Just place the caudex (bulb) atop a mixture of sand, peat moss and potting mix, and water lightly. Set it beside a window, or in dappled shade outdoors and enjoy! :)
1 Stephania Rotundifolia
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  • Additional Details
    Common Name:

    Mountain turtle plant

    Botanical Name:

    Stephania Rotundifolia syn. Stephania venosa


    Bright, indirect sun, can be grown indoors


    tender to frost


    vine can reach up to 25 feet!


    Deep green heart shaped leaves, and orange blooms

    Bloom Season:

    Summer/Fall bloomer

    Bulb/Plant Size:

    10/12 cm


    1 Stephania Rotundifolia