Freesia Planting & Growing Guide

Is your garden craving a bit of horticultural geometry? Well, Freesia are zygomorphic, which means that they grow along one side of the stem, in a single plane. Not only that, but the flowers bloom along the top side of the stalk, facing upwards, making them lovely to look down on in gardens and arrangements. With multiple fragrant, trumpet-shaped, upward-pointing blossoms per graceful stem, Freesia are a prized choice as long-lasting cut flowers. Learn how to grow and care for these gorgeous flowers so that you can bask in their beauty year after year!

  • Planting Depth
  • Planting Proximity
    3" Apart
  • Planting Season
    Fall or Spring
  • Plant Benefits
    Lovely fragrant flowers that can't be beat!
  • Water Quantity
  • Bloom Season
  • Sunlight Quantity
    Full Sun
  • Hardiness Zones
    Zones 9-10 or indoors

Where to Plant Freesia

Give your Freesia a spot where it will receive full sun for at least eight hours every day. Freesias need full sun to flourish and have a long blooming season.

  • For outdoor landscaping planting, choose a spot with well-draining soil. If you notice water puddles 5–6 hours after a hard rain, scout out another site or amend the soil with organic material such as compost, ground bark, or decomposed manure.
  • For outdoor container planting, choose a pot, barrel, tub, or urn with adequate draining holes.

When to Plant Freesia

Hardy in zones 9 and 10, Freesia should be planted in the fall for warmer climates to give their roots time to get established. In zones 3–8, where the winters are too cold for the bulbs, plant in spring after the last frost has passed.

Another option is to plant them in a pot, barrel, tub, or urn so they can be brought indoors for winter storage.

How to Plant Freesia

  • For outdoor landscape planting, dig holes and set your Freesia bulbs 2" deep and 3" apart with the pointed ends up. Cover the bulbs with soil and water thoroughly.
  • For container planting, set your Freesia 2" deep and 2" apart with the pointy ends up for the most brilliant display. Cover the bulbs with soil and water, making sure the container drains well.

How to Grow Freesia

  • Water as needed during active growth periods, keeping the soil damp, but never soggy.
  • Cut flowers for striking bouquets and sweet fragrance.
  • Leave the foliage in place right after bulbs finish blooming; don't cut it off. The leaves will gather sunlight, create food through photosynthesis, and strengthen the bulb for the future.
  • Remove foliage when the leaves begin to turn yellow and die as the plant slips into dormancy. Your Freesia will rest for a few months before commencing the next growing cycle.

Freesia Tips & Tricks

  • Plant Freesia in the spring in zone 8 and colder. They will not survive outside in regions colder than zone 9.
  • Fall-planted Freesias growing in warmer zones will form roots shortly after planting, and winter will bring taller growth. Flower stems will arrive in the spring.