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Giant Squill Urginea Maritima, also known as giant sea squill, has enormous bulbs weighing 4-6 lbs. But those big bulbs grow into extraordinary undulating spikes of flowers, beloved by florists.  You can grow these amazing plants, too! Bloom season begins in the fall when tall stalks grow to 3-6 feet in height, covered with condensed clusters of pink-kissed ivory buds. Flowers begin blooming from bottom to tip, revealing star-shaped flowers with yellow centers.  Giant sea squill thrive in full sun zones 8-11 and are extremely drought tolerant. Bulbs are resistant to pests, disease, deer and rodents. Can be grown in containers in cooler zones.  

Why We Love Giant Squill

  • They bring early spring joy with their cheerful blue blooms.
  • These resilient bulbs thrive in both sun and partial shade.
  • They enhance any landscape effortlessly, from borders to rock gardens.

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