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Canna Tropicanna® | Tropicanna Canna Rhizome

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Canna Tropicanna® | Tropicanna Canna Rhizome

Canna Tropicanna

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Detailed Description

Canna Tropicanna® Rhizomes | Tropicanna Canna Bulbs The best know of the clan, and with good reason, Tropicanna canna is an outrageously colored plant, with striped foliage that rivals the electricity of any flower. The purple leaves are festooned with pink, red and green veins that fade to sunset orange. Blooms are a little smaller than most, and are well above the foliage. Don't care for orange but covets the brilliant foliage? Just snip off the flowers and savors the rest of the plants beauty. When lit from behind by the setting sun, this plant is one of natures most stunning creations, like a living stained glass masterpiece. Note: We have been granted the exclusive rights to sell these bulbs online. Unauthorized propagation of this plant is prohibited.

Note: Tropicanna cannas are known for their extraordinary foliage and vibrant blooms. Another characteristic that distinguishes them from ordinary cannas – often 1 or more eyes are contained inside the rhizome and will emerge and sprout after the first has developed top growth. Plant this intriguing cannas and turn your garden into a tropical oasis.

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Common Name: Canna Tropicanna
Botanical Name: Canna Tropicanna
Exposure: Full sun
Hardiness: Zones 7-11, elsewhere lift tubers in autumn and store indoors
Height: 4 feet in pots, 5-6 feet in the garden
Color: Sensational purple, pink and orange foliage, mandarin orange blooms
Bloom Season: July-Sept, close to year round in southern Ca., TX and FL
Number: 1 robust rhizome

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