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    Narcissus Gulf Coast Daffodil Collection

    Narcissus Gulf Coast Daffodil Collection

    Narcissus Gulf Coast Daffodil Collection

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    Gulf Coast gardeners - you know how hard it is to find daffodil varieties that will perform well in your part of the country. Cultivars that can take the heat and humidity that your region doles out. The trio here has earned praise from Southern gardening experts Scott Ogden (Garden Bulbs for the South) and Thad Howard (Bulbs for Warm Climates). The Constantinople and Grand Soleil d'Or flower a bit earlier than the Grand Primo, stretching the season of color and fragrance. For best success, keep these daffodils cool by mulching the ground around them and locating the bulbs in a spot with afternoon shade. Includes one 10 bulb package each of Constantinople, Grand Soleil d' Or and Grand Primo. Rabbit, rodent and deer resistant. 
    Common Name: Daffodil Gulf Coast Collection
    Botanical Name: Narcissus Constantinople, Narcissus Soleil d Or and Narcissus Grand Primo
    Exposure: Full to day sun
    Hardiness: Zones 8-10
    Height: 14-22"
    Color: A blend of yellow and white flowers, scented
    Bloom Season: Late winter - early spring
    Bulb/Plant Size: 15/17 cm
    Number: 30 very large bulbs

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