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Lycoris Albiflora | White Spider Lily | White Magic Lily

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Lycoris Albiflora | White Spider Lily | White Magic Lily

Lycoris White Albiflora

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Detailed Description

Lycoris alba -white spider lily - white magic lily - white resurrection lily - white surprise lily... These rare blooms go by many names, each of which strives and fails to convey their breath catching glory.

It's taken several years of hunting to find a good source for white lycoris bulbs but finally these are available. Like its more flashy brethren the white flowering cultivar, known as albiflora, produces tall flower stems in the absence of strappy foliage, with leaves arriving later in the growing season. Include lycoris in gardens that need a late summer burst of freshness (don't they all?) and plant enough for cutting as these make excellent high style arrangements. Flowers are produced late summer into early fall and are a soft creamy white with the classic lycoris "eyelashes." In some years the flowers even display whispers of peach or pink on their wavy, recurved petals. Once established these plants will grow for years virtually unattended; they are certainly not needy. Deer resistant.

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Common Name: Surprise lily, naked lady, spider lily
Botanical Name: Lycoris albiflora
Exposure: Full sun to light shade
Hardiness: Zones 7-10, protect with mulch in zones 7-8
Height: 18-24"
Color: Clusters of 6-8 creamy white blooms with sparkling eyelashes 
Bloom Season: Late summer - early fall
Bulb/Plant Size: 11+ cm
Number: 3 large bulbs

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