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Corkscrew Vines

Corkscrew Vines

Corkscrew Vine

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Detailed Description

After searching unsuccessfully for several years for verifiable stock of the Corkscrew vine we decided to take a different approach. A very knowledgeable gardening friend, who grows this plant in her personal collection, agreed (with coaxing) to harvest and provide seed. Those seeds were delivered to a professional grower who has produced robust plants for this spring's offering. After years in development, fragrant Corkscrew vine plants are now available. Fast growing, attractive to butterflies and with delightfully exotic blooms, this is a terrific addition to the summer garden. (Do not eat; parts of the plant are poisonous.)

Learn more here: Corkscrew vs Snail Vine; Oh So Confusing

Common Name: Corkscrew Vine (not Snail vine)
Botanical Name: Vigna caracalla
Exposure: Full sun
Hardiness: Zones 9-11
Height: 12-15 feet, fast growing
Color: Flowers are purple, pink, ivory and yellow; very fragrant
Bloom Season: Mid to late summer, sometimes in early spring
Bulb/Plant Size: 5.5" extra deep pot
Number: 1 potted plant

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