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Acidanthera Bulbs | Peacock Orchid

Acidanthera Bulbs | Peacock Orchid

Acidanthera bicolor (Peacock Orchid)

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Detailed Description

This South African native is known for its starry blooms and delicious scent, useful for upgrading a bouquet from simply beautiful to a sensory delight. The white flowers with purple throats spring from narrow stems and open one at a time, extending the blooming period. Slender foliage completes the form, which is slim, allowing these, like glads, to take up little square footage. Especially useful in small or tightly planted gardens.
Common Name: Abyssinian lily, fragrant gladiolus, acidanthera, peacock orchid
Botanical Name: Acidanthera bicolor murielae or Gladiolus callianthus
Exposure: Full sun
Hardiness: Zones 8-11, 7 with mulch, elsewhere lift in fall and store bulb indoors
Height: 24"-36"
Color: Fragrant starry white blooms with dark purple throats
Bloom Season: Late summer into fall
Bulb/Plant Size: 8/10 cm bulbs
Number: 15 bulbs

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