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Tacca White - White Bat Plant
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Tacca White - White Bat Plant

Tacca | Bat Flower | Bat Plant | Tacca Integrifolia | White Bat Flower
Tacca Integrifolia – the white bat flower plant, is an astonishing sight in pictures – now you don’t have to just imagine it in person! Even more rare than the black tacca, the white sports the same rich, emerald green tropical foliage. Lush leaves are soon topped by tall stems with the extraordinary blooms – white bracts are beautifully veined in purple, spread wide over deep purple blooms, and the extraordinary purple “whiskers” that can reach 36 inches long. This staggering beauty has been described as “the most incredible plant on earth” – we cannot disagree!

This wondrous plant grows and blooms rapidly in conditions as similar as possible to its native rain forest understory. In a shady location, provide rich, loose soil and keep it moist throughout the active growing season. Though tacca remain evergreen, back off on the water a bit in winter, allowing the soil to dry between waterings. Tacca thrive in warm, humid conditions and must be protected from wind. Surprisingly happy indoors in containers, tacca do need you to increase the humidity with pebble trays and frequent misting above the leaves.

This sensational plant is well worth the extra bit of care it requires to dazzle!

Tacca will be shipped immediately via US Mail from mid-February on. Pot it up when it arrives to get a head start on those dramatic leaves and blooms!

1 large tacca rhizome
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  • Additional Details
    Common Name:

    white tacca, white bat flower, white bat plant

    Botanical Name:

    Tacca Integrifolia


    Bright to medium shade, protect from full sun, can be grown indoors


    Zones 10-11, damaged at 40 degrees, grow indoors anywhere


    up to 36 inches


    broad tropical green leaves topped with extraordinary white and purple flowers

    Bloom Season:

    Generous blooming spring through summer

    Bulb/Plant Size:

    4-5" rhizome


    1 large tacca rhizome