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Succulent Celfie Vase (Small) - Echeveria Peacockii - FREE Shipping!
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Succulent Celfie Vase (Small) - Echeveria Peacockii - FREE Shipping!

Succulent Gift | Succulent Echeveria Peacockii | Succulents Plants Gift | Succulent Face Vase Of course you know succulents are all the rage - and for good reason! Vibrant colors, fascinating forms, and such utterly easy care suited to the most brown-thumbed loved ones. But did you know that hats are making a come back? And in such exciting fashion! Our small ceramic Celfie Face Vase planted with Echeveria Peacockii is contemporary chic! A single large, silvery rosette is crowned by arching stems in winter and spring, each with a bright pink lantern shaped flower, tipped in yellow. Hort Couture! Yes, this can be a lot of look, but Little Miss Celfie has the sass carry it off in style. Big sister - look out! As is true for any glam gal, Little Miss Celfie changes her personality and style with ease. Swap out the echeveria for another sexy succulent, or go wild with miniature roses, air plant or mini ivy - the possibilities are endless! The small ceramic Celfie Face Vase is 2.75" x 3.5", and comes pre-planted with Echeveria Peacockii succulent forming her fabulous hat. Super cute and perfectly confident on her own - but she does light up when hanging with her besties! :)
1 Echeveria Peacockii in a ceramic Selfie Vase
  • Planting Guide

    succulent arrives pre-planted


    lightly 1/ week


    bright, indirect light


  • Additional Details
    Common Name:

    peacock succulent, peacock hens and chicks

    Botanical Name:

    Echeveria Peacockii


    Sun or shade - can be happy in bright indoor location for a several months at a time


    Zones 9-11, elsewhere, over-winter indoors




    Bluish-green leaves, topped by bright orange and red blooms in summer.

    Bloom Season:


    Bulb/Plant Size:

    1 2-inch succulent planted in a ceramic face vase 2.75" x 3.5"


    1 Echeveria Peacockii in a ceramic Selfie Vase