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Succulent Celfie Vase (Large) - Aeonium Kiwi - FREE Shipping!
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Succulent Celfie Vase (Large) - Aeonium Kiwi - FREE Shipping!

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Of course you know succulents are all the rage - and for good reason! Vibrant colors, fascinating forms, and such utterly easy care suited to the most brown-thumbed loved ones. But did you know that hats are making a come-back? And in such fabulous fashion! Our ceramic Celfie Face Vase planted with Aeonium Kiwi is simply the last word in sensational succulent style! Bright green leaves are pale yellow at the base and flush to a rosy edge and tip. Classic rosettes are formed atop lengthening stems that often curl into intriguing shapes. Horte Couture!

As is true for any glam gal, Ms Celfie changes her personality and style with ease. Swap out the aeonium for another sexy succulent, or go wild with miniature roses, variegated ivy or cyclamen - the possibilities are endless!

The large ceramic Celfie Face Vase is 4" x 5.25", and comes with a potted aeonium Kiwi succulent forming her fabulous hat. A simply mahvelous accent on her own - or get the entire set! :)

1 Aeonium Kiwi in Ceramic Selfie Vase