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Plumeria, Select Oranges (Potted)
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Plumeria, Select Oranges (Potted)

Orange Frangipani | Orange Plumeria Plant

Bring the sights and scents of the tropics home to your own garden. Grow your own wonderfully fragrant plumeria for a dash of the exotic. Our plumeria plants are well-rooted stock taken from strong, mature Hawaiian mother trees. The trees represent a variety of beautiful orange, corals and tangerine (some rainbow) selected for form, color and fragrance. These 15"-18" plants will vary but all are beautiful and are shipped ready to sprout a whirl of leaves and scented blossoms. Fragrant plumeria are well suited as specimen or accent plants in the landscape, or in containers positioned so their flower fragrance can be fully appreciated. Also excellent for greenhouse use. Happiest in full sun, plumeria are drought tolerant and do not requiring daily watering even in dry areas.

1 rooted, potted plant
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    Common Name:

    Plumeria, frangipani, Hawaiian Lei flowers

    Botanical Name:

    Plumeria select orange shades


    Grow outdoors in sunny, hot location. In cooler areas, bring indoors when temperatures slip to low 40s; do not allow plants to freeze.


    Zones 10-11, elsewhere lift in fall and bring indoors or grow as houseplant


    Medium shrub to small trees in U.S., taller in hot tropical regions. Plant may be pruned to retain smaller size.


    Variety of beautiful orange, corals and tangerine (some rainbow) selected for form, color and fragrance

    Bloom Season:

    Summer into early autumn

    Bulb/Plant Size:

    Stout 15"-18" well-rooted plants, ready to sprout leaves and flowers


    1 rooted, potted plant