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Passion Flower Alato-Caerulea
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Passion Flower Alato-Caerulea

Passion Flower Vine Alato-Caerulea | Fragrant Passiflora Vine 

Make a big impression even in a little space with Passiflora Alato-Caerulea! This heavy flowering passion vine grows to just 2.5-3 feet in containers and makes a spectacular hanging basket plant. Abundant 4-inch blooms are a made of petals that alternate clear white with blush pink, accented with a deep amethyst carolla for a glorious, otherworldly appearance. As a sterile hybrid that produces neither fruit nor seeds, the blooming continues all summer long for an extended show. Add the luscious fragrance Alato-Caerulea is prized for and the result is breath taking!

1 potted plant
  • Planting Guide

    Plant level with existing soil line


    These plants need about 1" of rain/irrigation per week


    Full sun


    12-18" apart

  • Additional Details
    Common Name:

    Passion flower, passion flower vine

    Botanical Name:

    Passiflora caerulea Clear Sky


    Full sun to light shade


    Zone 7-11


    To 5 feet in a container, 15-20 feet in the ground


    Flowers are ivory with lavender, plum and chartreuse

    Bloom Season:

    Summer into early fall

    Bulb/Plant Size:

    5.5" extra deep pot


    1 potted plant