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Paperwhite Ziva, 20 pk~
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Paperwhite Ziva, 20 pk~

This is the classic paperwhite, the fastest from bulb to bloom and the hands-down easiest. Nestle a few in bowls filled with pebbles on windowsills throughout the house to bathe your home in their sweet, musky scent. Start new pots every 10 days and you'll have fragrance to carry you through until spring flowers are blooming outdoors. Or use pretty bowls as your containers - antique, colored glass or whatever strikes your fancy - ones that are unique and charming. This bag of 20 big bulbs will provide flowers and fragrance for months. For gardeners in zones 8-10 these will scent your early spring garden wonderfully and add bobbing white, snippable blooms to your flowerbeds. Deer and rodent proof.

$23.95 $11.96
20 very large bulbs
  • Planting Guide

    Place tip of bulb 1" above surface of soil in containers, 2-3" deep outdoors


    Water lightly.


    Full sun to partial shade outdoors


    crowding bulbs will not impair blooming

  • Additional Details
    Common Name:

    Ziva paperwhites

    Botanical Name:

    Narcissus Ziva


    Bright direct/indirect light indoors; full sun to partial shade outdoors


    Zones 8-10, anywhere for indoor bloom




    Pure white petals and cups, very fragrant

    Bloom Season:

    30-45 days from planting date indoors, Feb-March outdoors

    Bulb/Plant Size:

    17+ cm


    20 very large bulbs