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Echeveria Peacock - Succulent~
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Echeveria Peacock - Succulent~

Echeveria Peacockii | Echeveria Desmentiana | Silver Succulents Plant Echeveria Peacockii - This beautiful iridescent silvery blue echeveria forms generous rosettes reminiscent of cabbage roses. Tips of the leaves may blush rosy pink in bright lighting - together with their perfect form, this may give rise to flashy name Peacock. The blooms are spectacular and long lasting – arising in summer months. Bright coral bell shaped blooms unfurl from curled stems, backed by the same silver blue of the rosettes. Peacockii off-sets generously, making propagation a breeze. Provide well drained soil. Echeveria peacock is drought tolerant, but does appreciate monthly deep waterings.
1 well-rooted succulent plant in a 4-inch pot