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Belladonna Lily, White
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Belladonna Lily, White

White Belladonna Lily White Bulbs | Cape Belladonna | White Naked Lady Bulbs

More than 15 years ago a well-known southern California plant breeder set out to develop some new belladonna varieties, ones that were extra drought resistant and super easy care. Sadly, the man, Fred Meyers, died before this project was completed and the unnamed varieties were left to fend for themselves in a field in the California desert. Hearing of this, we arranged with the Meyers family to harvest some of these belladonna bulbs and offer them for sale for the first time ever. Like somewhat reluctant heroes an Indiana Jones adventure, we braved jeep rides along skinny cliff trails (pleeeease don't let that wheel slip), hillsides thick with thorny cactus, rattlesnakes (yes, we're serious) and baking heat to reach the field where these grow. For 5 years nobody has tended these at all - no water, no weeding, no removal of spent foliage and no dividing - nothing. So if you're looking for tough, beautiful and exclusive blooming plants, you've found them. Large 2 1/2" diameter bulbs are ready to grow and bloom profusely. It is with great pleasure that we offer these.

1 large belladonna lily bulbs
  • Planting Guide

    tip of bulb just at the soil line


    light - quite drought tolerant once established


    Full sun



  • Additional Details
    Common Name:

    Belladonna lily, Cape belladonna, Naked ladies

    Botanical Name:

    Amaryllis belladonna pink hybrids


    Full sun


    Zones 7-11




    Crisp white blossoms in scented clusters of 6-12 blooms

    Bloom Season:

    Late summer

    Bulb/Plant Size:

    2 -1/2" + - very large bulb


    1 large belladonna lily bulbs