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Arisaema Tortuosum
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Arisaema Tortuosum

Arisaema Tortuosum | Whipcord Cobra Lily | Arisaema Tubers
Native to the Himilayan Mountains, Arisaema Tortuosum may earn a place in your shade garden on pure character! One of the most cold-hardy of the arisaema, the 4 foot tall stalk emerges in early June, putting up two large, tropical palmate leaves spreading wide. As the leaves unfurl, the pitcher-shaped spathe atop the lengthening stem opens to reveal a classic "jack-in-the-pulpit bloom - with a bit of a surprise. A long, whip like "tongue" in green, or sometimes shaded purple extends yet another 12 or more inches above. In the fall, berries take the place of this long lasting bloom.

If you cherish the strange, have an affection for the odd, or downright weird - this arisaema's for you!
1 large Arisaema tuber
  • Planting Guide

    4-6 inches deep


    Evenly moist but not wet


    Dappled shade


    8-10 inches apart

  • Additional Details
    Common Name:

    Whipcord Cobra Lily, Dragon Arum

    Botanical Name:

    Arisaema Tortuosum, Araceae (Arum Ramily)


    Partial shade


    Zones 7 - 9 requires mulch in colder areas


    48 - 72"


    Green and white

    Bloom Season:

    Late spring - mid summer

    Bulb/Plant Size:

    top sized tuber


    1 large Arisaema tuber