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Amaryllis Samba in a Reclaimed Wood Square - FREE Shipping!
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Amaryllis Samba in a Reclaimed Wood Square - FREE Shipping!

Amaryllis Samba | Pre-Planted Amaryllis Gift

With ruffles and petticoats and laces, this amaryllis is ready to dance! Samba is a very full, rounded amaryllis in rich, vibrant red. Every petal is ruffled and laced with bright white, continuing with a star at the heart of each bloom. Fabulous! Contrasting with Samba’s flamboyant nature, it is paired with a rustic planter hand made of reclaimed fence wood. Each planter’s grain and coloration is as unique as the weathered boards from which it is built.

We will plant your amaryllis bulb in custom soil, in a made in the USA reclaimed wood square (6” x 5”), top dress with natural moss for a finished presentation and send an easy set of care instructions along to ensure success. Just include your gift message as you check out. Your gift recipient will be amazed at how easy it is to achieve such spectacular results!

All our pre-planted amaryllis gifts come with ground shipping included

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