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Tillandsia Air Plant Capiz Shell - Tillandsia 'Brachycaulos' - FREE Shipping!
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Tillandsia Air Plant Capiz Shell - Tillandsia 'Brachycaulos' - FREE Shipping!

Air Plant Holder | Tillandsia 'Brachycaulos' | Air Plant Holder | Air Plant Shell

The handsome Tillandsia Brachycaulos is lush and full, with cardinal-bright red blooms! Low maintenance good looks and extreme versatility help to explain the sky-rocketing popularity of these air plants in the home, office and garden. Here, we have attached a healthy tillandsia brachycaulos to a natural capiz shell with acid-free, water proof glue. The combination of natural elements is compelling. Hang it from the attached fishing line, from a table lamp or in a window, or display it on the included clear plastic easel on a side table or book case. Incorporate living decor into your own style - your way.

Tillandsia is the largest genus of the bromeliad family (which includes pineapples!) and all are native to the new world. Commonly known as air plants, these botanical curiosities can be found in jungles, rain forests or deserts - from sea level to high mountain regions, and increasingly in homes and offices where their low-maintenance and intriguing shapes are hugely appealing. Though prized for their general structure, air plants do bloom, and frequently change coloring throughout the year in response the biological cues.

Apart from the astonishing array of forms and colors, what sets air plants apart is their reliance on water and food that can be absorbed through their leaves - roots are used only to anchor themselves in place. This characteristic qualifies them as epiphytes, and lends them to creative mounting for spectacular display. Your tillandsia can be made happy indoors or out - simply provide bright, filtered sunlight (or artificial lighting), protect from frost, and provide periodic misting, or even emersion to meet their need for water.

Each Tillandsia Brachycaulos (or similar) will vary slightly, and the natural capiz shells will vary in shape, size and coloring - roughly 3 inches tall by 4 inches wide. Each shell comes drilled with a small hole with fishing line attached for hanging, as well as with a clear plastic easel for displaying the air plant and shell. Shipping is included in the purchase price. Type up a message if you are sending this to a friend, and we’ll include that too!

All our Air Plant Shells come with US Postal Mail shipping included

1 lush air plant fixed to natural capiz shell, with plastic display easel and line for hanging