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Desert Rose - Adenium Double Pink
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Desert Rose - Adenium Double Pink

Adenium Obesum | Desert Rose | Double Pink Adenium Plant

This fun and fabulous succulent thrives and thrills with very little care. Native to the semi-arid regions of Arabia, it requires lots of sun, and little water. Forming an extremely wide, bulbous base, and twisting, swollen branches tipped with tightly clustered leaves and bright flowers, Adenium lend an architectural interest in the ground or in containers.

The Adenium Obesum is a natural fit for bonsai as they swell and bloom beautifully even when confined to a relatively small planter. Your Adenium Desert Rose has been grown for 3 years and is soon ready to put on a terrific growth spurt and begin blooming velvety red flowers with a bright white eye for months at a time. For containers, plant in well-draining succulent or cactus potting mix. The plant pictured above is 7-8 years old.

Simply water once per month - possibly twice during an especially hot summer outdoors. Reduce water in winter, but continue monthly watering indoors, where this will remain a handsome and intriguing house plant. Protect from temperatures below 50 degrees. Very easy to grow - plant a sure-fire conversation piece and enjoy!

1 3-year old adenium obesum plant