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Paperwhites: 50 Bulbs (19+cm) in a Red Rimmed Oval Basket
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Paperwhites: 50 Bulbs (19+cm) in a Red Rimmed Oval Basket

Huge Paperwhite Bulbs Ready to Plant with a Handsome Basket

Have a friend who can't get enough paperwhites and manages to cover every windowsill, well-lit shelf and even the floor by the French doors with pots of these fast growing beauties each year? (Yep – we can relate). This gift was created for that very person! If they love the regular garden center size bulbs, they'll be ecstatic over these super-sized paperwhites. The basket of 50 enormous bulbs comes with a waterproof liner so start planting there and let your imagination be your guide.

Gift includes 50 huge Nir paperwhite bulbs, an attractive, reusable handled basket 7"H x 11.5"W and easy care instructions.

$67.95 $33.97
50 extra large paperwhites, loose and ready to plant