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Paperwhite "Give It A Whirl" Basket (18 extra large bulbs)
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Paperwhite "Give It A Whirl" Basket (18 extra large bulbs)

Paperwhite Bulbs Ready to Plant

Paperwhites are holiday classics with their speedy sprouts, fat buds and multi-flowered clusters of fragrant blooms. Delight the gardener on your gift list with a basket of big, fresh bulbs to nestle into garden pots, goblets, teapots, baskets, deep bowls, vases and more throughout the house. Who says chilly winter necessitates trips to the florist if you want to enjoy fresh flowers? Baskets come with a waterproof liner so start planting there and give it a whirl! Includes 18 extra large (17+cm) Nir paperwhtie bulbs, a sturdy handled basket 6"H x 8.5"W with waterproof liner and easy care instructions.