Although many people think plants are nice, gardeners know they are so much more than something to fill space. Your garden is a place to express creativity and your connection to nature. You love your garden, and it returns your care by nourishing your mind, body and soul. At Easy to Grow Bulbs, we understand this and want to be a part of this magic!


Bigger Truly is Better: Bigger flower bulbs produce more robust plants with more flowers on longer and stronger stems. This means our bulbs are the best bang for your buck!


Largest Selection Available Online: We shop the entire globe to source superior product for your home and garden. Our online store is a one stop shop with the largest flower bulb selection available online. We are constantly testing and trying out new varieties, so we can bring you new options with a proven track record.


Expert Advice & Documentation: Whether you’re a seasoned gardener or just starting out, we have you covered! Our horticulture experts are available to help you with any questions or concerns that might arise along your journey. Our FREE ONLINE PLANTING GUIDES provide step-by-step instructions on how to plant and care for every variety we carry.


Customer Service is our Priority: You, our customer, are the most valuable asset we have! We always want to ensure your satisfaction and gardening success. Questions or concerns? Reach out to our expert service team and they will promptly reply with the information you need.


Our Guarantee: We want you to love your new plants and bulbs - and to keep coming back! And we understand the only way this will happen is if we provide great quality products and excellent customer service.


FREE Gift with $50+ Order: When you spend $50 or more in product, we send a FREE Adventure Pack of bulbs with your order. These bulbs are selected by our expert staff based on your climate zone and are the same great quality and size we sell on the rest of our website. These are not “left overs” or discards – sometimes the best way to try something new is by surprise!


FREE Shipping with Orders of $125+ Order: With convenience and a huge selection, it shouldn’t be hard to take advantage of our FREE Shipping option! We know shipping charges are a drag and we do everything we can to simplify your garden shopping by having such a spectacular selection!


Take a look around, investigate the selection and our planting guides. If you have any questions - just let us know! We truly appreciate the opportunity to earn your business, and to help become a part of your growing success. Have fun! 

Happy gardening!