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Tulip Little Beauty

Tulip Little Beauty

Tulip Little Beauty

SKU: 34948-10Priced for a pkg. of 10 robust bulbs
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Detailed Description

Plant Little Beauty and early in the season you'll be rewarded with bright pink buds. These color further as the flower matures, finishing as a terrific cherry red bloom outside and fuchsia inside with slate to cornflower blue centers edged in white. With three to four flowers per bulb, Little Beauty delivers lots of pop for little money, care and space - a bargain regardless of how you choose to define it. More cold hardy than hot weather tolerant, plant these bulbs deeper than is customary for their size, about 7-8” down for the best results.

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To shop our entire selection of Tulip Bulbs, please click here.
Common Name: Species tulip Little Beauty
Botanical Name: Tulipa Little Beauty
Exposure: Full sun to very light shade
Hardiness: Zones 4-8
Height: 4-5"
Color: Cherry red blooms with blue centers and white accents
Bloom Season: Mid - late spring 
Bulb/Plant Size: 6+ cm
Number: 10 robust bulbs

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