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This beautiful summer flower, commonly known as, Glory of the Sun, with its cheery, flowers grown on graceful stems with lush, grass-like leaves, makes a colorful impact in your garden.  Producing blooms in color ranging from pure white, pink, purple and bi-color flowers, their blooms are not only beautiful to look at but also have a pleasant fragrance.   Native to the dry, rocky mountain areas of Chile, Leucocoryne, thrives in any sunny spot and with a small footprint, it’s perfect for tucking between other plants that produce wider leaves, like Daylilies and Callas. If you have a garden that's close to full and you'd like to squeeze in a few more flowers, there's always room for Leucocoryne. 

Why We Love Leucocoryne Bulbs

  • It's a resilient and low-maintenance plant, perfect for beginner gardeners.
  • Leucocoryne dazzles with its delicate, star-shaped flowers in vibrant hues.
  • These plants are ideal for adding charm to borders, rock gardens, or container displays.

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