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Raspberry - Royalty

Raspberry - Royalty

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Includes: 1 Raspberry plant in a 3-4 inch grower's pot

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Raspberry Plants for Sale Online | Raspberry Royalty

Make way for berries so large and proud they're fit for royalty, and let's be honest—if they're good enough for kings and queens, then they're good enough for us! Royalty is among the largest red Raspberries available, and their light taste is perfect for making jams and jellies.

A favorite among many home gardeners, this high-yielding and cold-tolerant variety produces lovely white flowers in the spring, with fruits ready for harvest in early to mid-summer. Plant in full sun and provide around 1" of moisture per week for bounties of sweetly delicious berries!

Easy to Grow Features:

  • Zone: 4 - 8
  • Height: 4 - 5 ft.
  • Spread: 2 - 3 ft.
  • Sunlight: Full Sun
  • Water: Moderate
  • Harvest time: Flowers in Spring; Harvest Fruits in Early to Mid Summer
  • Color: Grown for Red Berries
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  • Planting Depth
    Pre-Potted: Level with soil line. Bareroot: Crown 1-2 in. below soil line. Needs deep, well-drained soil.
  • Planting Proximity
    3 ft.
  • Planting Season
  • Plant Benefits
    Grow your own fruit!
  • Water Quantity
  • Bloom Season
    Fruits in Early to Mid-Summer, Everbearing. Trim back canes 1 in. above ground once done fruiting to allow for new stems and overall manageability.
  • Sunlight Quantity
    Full Sun
  • Hardiness Zones
    Zones 4-8